My name is Anthony, blogger and aspiring entrepreneur hence the term entreprebloggerneur. I’m in my early forties, married with one child and live in Long Island, New York by way of Queens, New York. I work for a living and enjoy a household income that allows me to live more than comfortably.

It is the dream of many people to become self employed by either creating a business or finding the right opportunity which will allow them to become financially successful and independent. Personally, I was able to start my own business after spending 6 years making a ton of money for companies that I worked for, not so much for myself, only to find myself in search of a new career a short 24 months after opening my doors. The reality is that I couldn’t have done anything differently as it was not what I did that caused me to fail but rather the failure of an entire industry.

I now find myself years older and wiser and in search of a new business to start or an opportunity that I can join that will allow me to once again become my own employer. However, the journey back to self employment has not been an easy one. Most opportunities that I have come across seem to be lacking or have not been opportunities in as much as opportunities for the companies to take advantage of people aspiring to become financial independent.

Over the course of time I have found that when researching opportunities I come across blogs and websites, not created to provide information but rather to sell me on joining the opportunity. Time after time it is the same story. I find an opportunity that seems interesting. I go online to research the opportunity only to come across site after site trying to sell me on the opportunity that only exists for the person selling it. Each site sings the praises of the opportunity but states nothing about the negatives. As such I have become quite adept at researching opportunities. I have found opportunities that could allow me to become self employed but not at the financial independence that I seek and not anything that would ever want to make me leave a good salary, benefits and a pension upon retirement that I currently have.

What makes this blog different from the many review blogs that exist is that I have been successful in the field of sales. I started out in sales while in high school and have worked many sales positions throughout my working career. In fact most of my adult working life has been in some sort of sales position. You name it and I have probably sold it. When I look at an opportunity, I look at the opportunity from the prospective of sales person with honesty and ethics being of the utmost importance. I can sell anything and make money in the process but it’s not about making money devoid of ethics and honesty. Selling something devoid of ethics and honesty would not make me a sales professional, it would make me a con artist.

With the above being said I decided to take my blogging skills, search engine optimization knowledge, knowledge of sales, sales experience and ability to communicate clearly to create EntrepreBloggerNeur.com. All visitors are free to agree or disagree with my reviews. It is not my purpose to persuade anyone into joining an opportunity or to stay away from an opportunity but rather to allow people to use the information I provide, from a sales professional prospective, to make an informed decision of their own as to whether the opportunity reviewed is right for the individual visitor or not.

If I feel the opportunity is legitimate I may decide to become an affiliate of the product or service. However, I will clearly disclose if I am an affiliate. Unlike other opportunity review blogs and websites if I feel an opportunity is not legitimate I will not attempt to steer a reader to a competing product. Honesty and integrity is how I live my life and I hope that as you read my reviews you come to that conclusion.

Thank you for visiting EntrepreBloggerNeur.com. I hope that you find this blog helpful and that I am able to provide the information you seek.

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