Picking a Niche For a Blog – Do Blogs Need a Niche?

Do Blogs Need a Niche?

Since the onset of blogging the age old question has been asked over and again, do blogs need a niche?

There is one side that states blogs don’t need a niche while the other side states that blogs need a niche in order to be successful.

Success means different things to different people but personally believe that blogs do need a niche.

Why Do I Believe Blogs Need a Niche?

The reason I believe blogs need a niche are for two very specific reasons.

2 Reasons Why I Believe Blogs Need a Niche

The first reason I believe blogs need a niche is that the most successful blogs, using the amount of monthly unique visitors as the baseline for success,  all have one major thing in common, a niche.

The second reason I believe a blog needs a niche is from my own personal experience with blogging.

Back in 2010 I created a blog that had no specific niche but rather a bunch of topics consisting of politics, religion, sports and reviews amongst other topics.

Over the course 5 years I had created 157 posts and reached my apex in 2014 with a tad over 120,000 unique visitors which is the same year I created this very blog.

This blog has had a grand total of only 25 posts, including this post yet my return visitor rate is more than double than my aforementioned blog.

To further solidify my belief that blogs need a niche I marketed to my visitors in my aforementioned blog.

I captured subscribers who were notified of each and every new post which is something that I don’t do with this blog.

With this blog I do have subscribers but I don’t notify any subscribers of new content.

I can tell you all about the differences between my former blog and this blog but the major difference is whereas my former blog had no niche, this blog does have a niche in the business opportunity review space, a highly competitive space.

Picking a Niche For a Blog

I believe that picking a niche for a blog is a challenging endeavor.

In the most simple definition a niche is a narrow focus on a specific topic as this blog in the most basic term a business opportunity review blog.

However, if you want to create a blog and seeking assistance on picking a niche for your blog the most basic advice I can provide is give yourself room for growth.

For example, if I were a dog trainer and decided on a niche of a blog about dog training it’s simply a matter of time before I run out of ideas for content as only so much can be written about dog training.

Even if I were to write about training methods with regard to the traits of individual breads of dog it would be nearly impossible not to become repetitive and ultimately burn out of ideas or content.

I like to think of a blog niche as a tree.

The niche itself is the foundation or root of the tree but the niche needs to be able to grow from that niche as branches grow from the tree.

I hope I haven’t lost you with my philosophy but I hope I can further explain in more simple terms using this blog as an example.

My niche for this blog is honest business opportunity reviews which is the root of my blog but I have the ability to branch out into other areas of business.

For example, there are online business opportunities, brick and mortar business opportunities and other areas with regard to business such as business ideas and business finance to name a few.

I could create articles on product reviews for products that are available to assist both online businesses as well as brick and mortar business.

I could also create articles on ways, both cost and no cost, on how to market online or even offline for the matter.

The niche of this blog will always be honest business opportunity reviews but I have the ability to branch out into other areas without losing the niche of my blog.

In addition my niche is, in my opinion, one in which it would be nearly impossible to run out of content for.

There are hundreds of business opportunities currently available with more and more becoming available each and every year.

However, I only write about business opportunities that I’m seeking for myself and share my experiences and thoughts on that specific business opportunity here on this blog.

The Most Important Thing to Consider When Selecting a Niche For a Blog

As with everything I write on this blog is of my own personal opinion the same holds true with regard to the most important thing to consider when selecting a niche for your blog.

Personally I believe the one the most important thing to consider when selecting a niche for your blog is how passionate you are about the niche.

It doesn’t matter how many branches the niche can provide if you are not passionate about the niche.

Creating a blog, even with the greatest of niches, with no passion about the niche will result in failure.

Blogging isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do as anyone, can create a blog, write articles and obtain free traffic from said articles but with no passion the blog will die.

If I had more time than I do I would devote more time to researching business opportunities and sharing my findings through articles on this blog but even with the little time I do have to devote to my endeavor there are few things in this world that I’m more passionate about.

How Passionate Are You With Regard to Your Niche?

You may not currently know the answer to the question of “How passionate are you with regard to your niche?” but to share how passionate I am about my niche the answer is that I never set out to make a single red cent from this blog.

When I created this blog I simply wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with regard to the business opportunities I researched for myself.

All that I have written in this article is what I’ve learned over the years simply doing what I set out to do all those years ago.

I truly enjoy writing here on entreprebloggerneur.com and the money earned is simply an added bonus for doing what I enjoy.

My personal belief in the ultimate gauge of your level of passion is to ask yourself one question.

“Would I create a blog with no desire to earn one red cent?”

This may seem like a rather odd question but it’s my opinion that creating a blog with the sole purpose of making money is a losing proposition.

Writing articles for a blog is not the most difficult thing to do but writing your articles for people and search engines at the same time is a challenge and an art that is learned over time.

If it were easy to create a blog, write articles that can be found in the search engines and make a full time income from your efforts everyone with a blog would be making a great living.

I’m in no way stating that earning a full time income from blogging can’t be done but rather when it’s the sole intention of creating the blog the likelihood of failure is greater than the likelihood of success.

Take this article as an example.

This entire article is about picking a niche for a blog and whether or not a blog needs a niche at all.

There is a tremendous amount of content available and I know the chance of a person going into a search engine, typing in the search term “picking a niche for a blog” or “how to pick a niche for a blog” and finding this article on the first page of any search engine is a slim to none chance.

However, the reason I wrote the article is in the off chance that a person seeking a business opportunity review bounces around this blog, comes across this article and either finds it helpful or helpful for someone he or she may know.

As always, if you agree or disagree with what I have written in this article feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ve find this article to be helpful.

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