Ambit Energy Scam?

Ambit One of the reason I decided to create this blog was to provide accurate information with regard to business opportunites. There is a ton of misinformation available on the internet and even more so with regard to business opportunities. One company that has an overabundance of misinformation online is Ambit Energy.

Founded by Jere Thompson, Jr. and Chris Chambless in 2006, Ambit Energy is a an electricity and gas supplier located in Dallas Texas that has grown tremendously in the deregulated energy supplier industry. Ambit Energy serves 13 states, is a J.D. Power Associates award winner for highest retail customer satisfaction for electric providers in New York, has over one million customers and is almost at $1 billion in annual sales yet there is an ever growing mountain of negative and inaccurate information to be found online.

I believe this is due to Ambit’s choice to utilize multi level marketing and the inability to prevent independent representatives for using shady sales tactics that results in choosing to use a multi level marketing method. Any company that chooses to utilize multi level marketing is going to be heavily scrutinized and Ambit is no exception.

You can become an Ambit Energy representative for a little over $400 and approximately $24 a month which provides you with an affiliate website that you can market and to enter the Ambit customers that you have sold. I’m not going to get into the multi level marketing compensation plan as that can easily be found by going taking a look at Ambit Energy’s Getting Paid PDF. The most important thing is that a person can make money with Ambit Energy if that person chooses to. With that being said, why is there so much negative information to be found online?

First, there are many angry former Ambit Energy representatives leaving a a bulk of the misinformation. I’m not going to get into individual former Ambit representative complaints but rather provide a prime example of why these people leave such comments online. You are approached with the Ambit Energy opportunity by a representative and are told about how much money you could potentially make. Without a second thought you pay the $429 and sign on board for the $24 a month necessary to run your very own business. You get off to a great start and sign as many family and friends as you can. However, you have now exhausted your warm market and now realize that you will have to actually work in order to grow your business. This is not what you signed up for and now become angry that you cannot come close to the income levels you desire. It now becomes Ambit Energy is a scam as opposed to you not wanting to work in order to achieve your desired level of income.

Second, there are Ambit Energy representatives that speak of only the positives of switching to Ambit Energy without taking the time to educate themselves on the terms of service let alone explain the terms of service to the prospective customers. An Ambit Energy representative may sign up a person based on guaranteed savings and not explain that failure to pay their bill on time would eliminate the guaranteed savings. The customer than becomes angry that they were lied to, not so much that the person failed to read the terms of service for his or herself, and again Ambit Energy is scam.

If I were to become a representative of Ambit Energy there is no doubt that I could not only quickly recoup my initial investment of $429 and easily pay the $24 a month for my affiliate portal as well. However, is what becomes necessary after depleting my warm market that made me realize that the Ambit Energy opportunity is not the opportunity that I seek.

I would have to obtain business cards and either create or have Ambit Energy flyers created. I would then have to market Ambit energy by placing those flyers on bulletin boards in my town in such places as grocery stores, the post office, supermarkets and the like. With business cards in hand proceed to knock on residential doors and approach local businesses with the opportunity to save on their gas and electric bills. I would not consider leaving my good salary, health benefits and pension in order to this and I don’t have the time necessary to devote working an Ambit Energy business in the little spare time that I do have.

The Ambit Energy opportunity is not for me but I feel would be a good fit for a young person attempting to start a business who still lives at home with his or her parents or a one income family looking to make a second income as long as they are willing to put the work in necessary.

Is Ambit Energy a scam? A company that serves 13 states, is a J.D. Power Associates award winner for highest retail customer satisfaction for electric providers in New York, has over one million customers and is almost at $1 billion in annual sales is in no way a scam.

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