My Business Venture Review – Is MBV Sites By My Business Venture a Scam?

Honest and In Depth Review of MBV Sites By My Business Venture

I’ve yet to find my business opportunity by I have been heavily investigating ecommerce business opportunities.

It was while conducting my research into ecommerce business opportunities when I came across MBV Sites by My Business Venture.

I found myself on a rather well know business opportunity review site so I clicked through as this supposed scam review site sang the praises of My Business Venture.

I provided my contact information and received a voicemail on my cell phone that very day.

What Does MBV Sites By My Business Venture Offer?

What is being offered is a turn key ecommerce website with a product range of over 14,000 products. Additionally they offer:

  • Live Product Feed – Products on your site are automatically updated on the fly.
  • High Speed Hosting
  • Ability to accept credit cards on your site.

In my opinion the above is pretty standard with most ecommerce platform providers.

The MBV Sites Price Packages – What is the Cost of MBV Sites?

MBV sites by My Business Ventures offers 3 different packages, Enterprise, Premier & Millennium


  • $3995.00 One Time Payment
  • 5,000+ Product Superstore
  • Diamond Marketing Package
  • 24 months Search Engine Submission
  • Custom Logo Included
  • All Features from MBV Upgrade 1 & 2
  • Starter Training Package with MBV University


  • $4695.00 One Time Payment
  • 5,000+ Product Superstore
  • Titanium Marketing Package
  • Lifetime Search Engine Submission
  • Custom Logo Included
  • All Features from MBV Upgrade 1 & 2
  • Social Media Package Upgrade
  • Silver Training Package with MBV University


  • $5995.00 One Time Payment
  • 5,000+ Product Superstore
  • Titanium Marketing Package
  • Lifetime Search Engine Submission
  • Custom Logo Included
  • All Features from MBV Upgrade 1 & 2
  • Social Media Upgrade Package
  • Website Verification Program
  • Professional E-Mail Package
  • Platinum Training Package with MBV University

Personally, I was a bit stunned at the pricing of the packages but considering the site would be loaded with thousands upon thousands of products that would take me an insane amount of time to complete on my own I figured I should still take the time to conduct my due diligence.

Another day went by as I received another voicemail from the same sales representative.

This morning, as in the date of this article, I arrived at home, put on a pot of coffee and sat at my patio table in my backyard with my cell phone and laptop as I wrote down logical questions that I needed to have answered before considering “partnering” with My Business Ventures.

My wife joined me outside with a cup of coffee for us both as I put my cell phone on speaker and returned the voicemail.

My Experience With My Business Ventures – MBV Sites

I’ll refrain from sharing the name of the sales representative but will provide a play by play of my experience with the sales representative.

He asked me the normal opening line of questions such as what do I do for a living and how I came across My Business Ventures.

After a few minutes of making small talk my wife looked over at me and grinned knowing full well what I was about to put this man through.

The questions I asked are in no particular order but the answers to my questions are as accurate as they can possibly be as it’s still fresh in my mind.

I began writing this article a few minutes after ending the call.

My questions are in bold.

“Where are the products coming from and where are they sourced?”

“The products are sourced from the USA as well as overseas. All products are shipped from our warehouse and sent directly to your customers.”

“So this would be a drop shipping relationship between me and your company?”

“Absolutely, we’re a wholesaler. As such, we provide the best possible pricing based on our relationships with the manufacturers.”

“What type of products are available?”

“Practically anything you can imagines. Electronics, perfume, toys, furnishings…”

“So my site would consist of all the products offered?”

“It’s your business but we’ll work with you to find the best product mix.”

“Do I select my own domain name or does the company provide it?”

“We’ll work with you to select a great domain name.”

At this point I decided to cut through the general questions and get right down to what I needed to know.

“How do I know that I can sell any of your products at a price point that will allow me to compete with companies that are offering the same products?

For example, will I be able to undercut the comptetion?”

“You never want to get into undercutting the competition. The market is way too competitive to do that.”

“Your prices will be competitive. Regardless, we have a price guarantee that assures that we will beat the lowest available price.”

“Besides, we only do free shipping which leads to higher conversion ratios.”

“So I’m paying for shipping and handling on every product I sell?”

“No, we’re picking up the cost.”

“Free isn’t free. Someone needs to pay for shipping. Am I not paying the shipping fees thorough the markup on what your company is selling to me?”

“No, as I said, we’re taking care of that.”

At this point of the conversation I started to become agitated but didn’t want to get into a back and forth “free shipping” that I would obviously pay for.

“Can I see your product offerings and price sheet?” 

“You haven’t checked out the demo site?”

“Where do I go?”

He provided the domain name as I quickly clicked through the sites. I cut and pasted a few items and pasted the items into notepad.

“I see I would get search engine submission with any package. 

“Does this mean your company does search engine optimization?”

“No, search engine optimization is useless.

There is now way to compete with the big players and if you don’t know how to do it yourself it would costs thousands upon thousands of dollars.”

“Why should I partner with your company as opposed to using a platform like Shopify?”

“Shopify? Shopify is okay if you’re a real estate agent or want to fail. No one who is serious about succeeding in ecommerce uses Shopify.”

“If you have one product and want to carry inventory than Shopify would be the way to go.

“Besides, it would take you forever to input all your products.”

I couldn’t believe my ears as I looked at my wife with astonishment as she shook her head and smirked at me.

“Can you email me the price list so I can see the actual products and what my costs would be?”

“No I’m sorry.

“That information is proprietary and no one provides pricing without getting into a relationship.”

“If I want to open a wholesale account with a distributor all I need to do is provide my company information and EIN. 

“I know this for a fact as I’ve done it before.”

I know the above is not a question but rather a statement. For as agitated as I had been I now found myself becoming angry.

“Okay, so I can’t see a price list.

“Can you email me with a few references?

“All I need are the domain names and their contact information.”

“We would never disclose our clients information to anyone so I’m sorry but I can’t do that”

I zoned out a bit as he continued on and on about if I was serious about partnering with them I should continue my due diligence by looking at all the testimonial available online and checking out the thousands of products listed in the demo sites.

With my blood boiling I kept my cool, thanked him for his time and ended the call.

Why I Don’t Recommend MBV Sites by My Business Venture

There is no way that I can recommend MBV Sites by My Business Venture to anyone for a few reasons.


How would I possibly know how profitable owning an ecommerce site through My Business Ventures can be when I have no way of knowing exactly what products are available, from what manufactures and at what price point?

However, as I had a few items that I had cut and pasted into notepad from the demo sites I picked a few products and conducted an online search.

MBV Price for a “First Alert Dual-power Carbon Monoxide Plug-in Alarm With Digital Display” – $43.99

The same exact product listed on the demo site with a sales price of $43.99 can be had from Home Depot for $19.97 but more importantly through Amazon with free shipping for $29.99 or $14 cheaper.

I don’t want to go on forever with pricing comparisons at is would pointless without knowing what my cost to buy the same item would be.

Same items were competitive while others had a substantial price difference.

However, even with a My Business Venture Pricing Guarantee what would my profit be?

I have no way of knowing as they won’t disclose their price list.


No company in their right mind would provide a bad reference but a company who refuses to provide at least one reference?

When I asked for references after asking about a price list I knew the answer would be no but I wanted to hear the reason for not providing references.

I don’t buy the answer that they won’t disclose client information.

If there are many successful “partners” what would the harm be?

If I had a successful business relationship with a company I personally would be happy to talk to others who were thinking about entering into the same business relationship. Perhaps it’s just me.


If there is one thing that I can’t stand it’s a company attempting to substantiate an asking price for a product or service by attempting to add value where value doesn’t exist.

All MBV Site packages attempt to provide value with “Search Engine Submission.”

Submitting a website to any search engine where the website is not optimized for search engines is pointless!

E commerce websites are the most difficult websites to optimize for search engines and websites listed in the top 3 for a given keyword get the majority of search engine traffic.

I had already been told that optimizing my own My Business Venture ecommerce site would be pointless as I couldn’t compete and I agree.

I don’t know about you but when I’m searching for specific item to purchase online I search for that specific item.

I don’t know if you’ve come across this article by bouncing around my blog or if you did a specific search and found this article through a search engine.

I do my best to optimize every article I write but there is no guarantee that this article will be indexed and found on the first page of a search term or page 136.

As such, it doesn’t matter that they provide the keyword and meta descriptions as neither are being optimized for search engine traffic.

It takes minutes to submit a website into any search engine so the value of “Search Engine Submission” has zero value!

The fact is that once you submit a site to a search engine there is no need to continue to submit the site.

A sitemap is created and each search engine you submit to will periodically browse the sitemap looking for updates.

In my opinion using “Search Engine Submission” and more so “Lifetime Search Engine Submission” is meant to create value to those who are complete novices in the world of online marketing.


At a starting price point of $3,995 a custom logo that can be done through a website such as Fiverr for as little as $25 is used to substantiate the price for all packages.


At the lowest MBV package of $3,995 the training package is referred to as “Starting Training.”

I don’t know this to be fact but I will attempt to arrive at a logical line of thinking and reasoning.

Using the word, “Starting” leads me to believe that those who enter at the lowest price point will have a limited amount of training that is available on the higher packages.

Once the “Starting Training” is over and a person feels the need for additional training there is an up-sell (additional cost) to receive training above the “Starting Training.”

What does the starting training consist of and is the additional training worth the asking price?

I hate to make a statement without knowing if the statement is factual but based upon my previous experiences I feel confident that I’m correct in my line of thinking and reasoning.

I have further reasons why I cannot recommend MBV Sites by My Business Venture but I know I’ll become repetitive.

Is MBV Sites by My Business Venture a Scam? Is the Company My Business Venture a Scam?

MBV sites is a scam! The Company My Business Venture is a scam!

I’m of course joking as I cannot state that MBV Sites by My Business Venture is a scam or that My Business Venture as a company is a scam.

I don’t doubt that My Business Venture provides what they offer. If they didn’t deliver they would not be in business.

However, I do feel that My Business Venture is overpriced and is reliant on people with zero to little knowledge of online marketing.

Of course, if My Business Venture chose to disclose pricing, provide references and provided the least bit of information on what is offered in “Starting Training” I could arrive on once side of the fence more easily and stand firm in my position.

In Closing one the Article “My Business Venture Review – Is MBV Sites By My Business Venture a Scam?

I hope you’ve found my review on MBV Sites by My Business Venture titled, “My Business Venture Review- Is MBV Sites By My Business Venture a Scam?” helpful in arriving at a decision.

I want to apologize for any typographical errors as I wrote this article while the information was still fresh in my head as I’m running on fumes.

Was my article helpful to you?

Did you enter in a “partnership” with My Business Venture and disagree with me?

Did you enter in a “partnership” with My Business Venture and agree with me?

As always, feel free to comment below or contact me with any questions, statements or concerns you may have.

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