Coffee Mug Advertising Business?

Starting a coffee mug advertising business is something that I would not have thought about in a million years. It’s a known fact that people drink an extraordinary amount of coffee in the United States and coffee is probably the most consumed beverage in the United States behind water. I began to think about how many cups of coffee my wife and I drank while sitting in the local diner or any diner in general and how many times we both stared at the plain old coffee mug while drinking our coffees while waiting for our meals to arrive.

What if the coffee mug my wife and I have stared at hundreds of times over the years had advertisements for local businesses on them? What if the advertisements were affordable to the advertiser? What if the restaurant or diner did not have to pay for the coffee mugs saving the restaurant or diner a decent amount of money each year? The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of starting this type of business.

As I would have never of thought about starting a coffee mug advertising business how is it that I became aware that such businesses existed? A few months ago I was on a business opportunity advertising directory when I came across such a company. I liked the idea almost immediately but did not like the fact that I could not find much information on the company and that the company was seeking $14,000 in order to become a franchise owner. Unfortunately I cannot, for the life of me, remember what the name of that particular company was but liking the idea I believed that someone else must have started a coffee mug advertising business and started to research the industry. After all, there is no need to reinvent the wheel but it’s always a good idea to find out who the best wheel company is. It was during this research that I came across Mugs Across America, Inc.

Mugs Across America Mugs Across America, Inc. was founded by Mark Ragen in 1986 in the state of Michigan but is now headquartered in Naples, Florida and has been providing coffee mug advertising as well as other forms of mug and glass advertising ever since. Upon arriving at I went through each and every page of the site. I researched the company online and could not find any negative information. It was at that time I decided to pick up the phone and speak to someone at Mugs Across America.

When contacting Mugs Across America I was surprised that Mark Ragen was the person who answered the phone. We had a rather lengthy conversation about how he became to be involved in such a businesses and went over what it would take to operate such a business as an independent sales representative of Mugs Across America. We ended the conversation with Mark telling me that I could call back at any time with further questions and that if he were not available that I could speak with Sheila. To say I was excited about the potential of this business would be an understatement.

The very next morning I picked up the phone once again and connected with Sheila who was very nice, answered all my questions and basically interviewed in order to arrive at a decision of whether or not I would be a good independent representative for Mugs Across America. Although in order to become an independent representative of Mugs Across America you would have to pay $195 in order to have sample mugs sent to you that you would use in order to generate business. After selling your first few accounts Mugs Across America reimburses you although if I remember correctly it is not for the full amount although I may be mistaken. In addition to the sample mugs you are sent a training manual as well as blank business cards. Once you prove yourself to be a good representative the company provides you with business cards. I could tell from the start that Sheila from Mugs Across America, Inc. wasn’t interested in simply getting $195 from me but rather concerned as to whether or not I would be a good representative for the company, would represent the company in an honest ethical manner and that I was serious about being in the business.

Based on my conversation with Sheila I was told and agreed that starting out would not be an easy endeavor as the first year would be the most challenging. However, the method of advertising is proven and once your are able to perfect your technique there is no reason why a person could not have a very successful business within a couple of years, especially with the high amount of yearly renewals. Each coffee mug is designed to provide for 8 advertisers. Out of the 8 advertisers, on average 5 renew. After the cost of production each account on average provides a profit of approximately $800. How much a person can make and how long it takes to complete a campaign for a client is all dependent on the individual representative.

Unfortunately after my conversation with Sheila I realized that this opportunity was not the opportunity for me. I simply do not have the time necessary to devote and devoting the little time that I do have towards a coffee mug advertising business with Mugs Across America would not lead to a successful business for me nor make me a good representative for the company. I feel this a great opportunity for people with previous sales experience but ideally advertising sales experience. A person who is currently working part time and would like to replace that part time employment by starting a business with a very low entree point.

In closing, I purposely omitted information I could have easily provided in this review as I do not want to provide information that you, as a potential opportunity seeker, should be asking yourself. However, if the idea of starting your own coffee mug advertising business sounds appealing I strongly recommend exploring an independent representative relationship with Mugs Across America, Inc.

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