Global Domains International (GDI) Business Opportunity Review. Is Global Domains International (GDI) a Scam?

GDIGlobal Domains International is a company I heard about years ago but never took the time to investigate. Today I had some free time so I decided to take a long good look at the Global Domains International Business Opportunity.

Global Domains International or GDI was established in 2000 by Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir when they signed an exclusive deal with the country of Samoa to become the exclusive domain registrar for the .ws domain name extension. In 2002 Global Domains International placed #37 on the Inc. 500 “List” of the USA’s 500 fastest growing private companies and #5 in the state of California in the 2002 Special issue of Inc. magazine.

There is a ton of information calling Global Domains International a scam which I feel is do their choice of utilizing multi level marketing to grow the GDI business. Based on my research GDI and the word scam do not go hand in hand. In fact many of the scam complaints I was able to locate online had a recurring theme of angry former GDI affiliates who were not able to make any sort of money with Global Domains International. Although the company is not an accredited better business bureau company GDI does have an A+ rating and I found no evidence that the company has ever failed to make payments to affiliates.

For $10 a month you receive a .ws domain name, basic web hosting package, email addresses, website builder and the opportunity to earn residual monthly income of 10% or $1 on every person who continues to pay their $10 monthly fee after a 7 day free trial 5 levels down. The company also pays bonuses depending on the number of sales an affiliate makes within a given week as well as team bonuses based on sales in a given month. This is a strictly volume based business in a highly competitive market. For example, a person can register a .ws domain name through GoDaddy for $9.95 per year and pay approximately $5 per month for web hosting for a total cost of approximately $70 as compared to the GDI cost of $120 per year. With that being said what does a person get for the additional $50 per year from Global Domains International? The additional $50 a person would pay to GDI as compared to GoDaddy, in my opinion, are in the form of 5 replicated websites a person can choose to market.

I do not feel this is a good opportunity for the novice online marketer. Obtaining organic search engine optimized traffic is no easy task and without taking any bonus money that can potentially be earned into consideration a person is going to need a substantial customer base in order to make a decent income. For example, if a person is looking to make this into a full time replace my full time income job and work from home opportunity thousands of sales will be needed. For example, to earn $50,000 per year, again without any bonus money, a person would need 50,000 customers.

Selling domain names and web hosting packages is a business I have considered for quite some time but absent of GDI I have never been able to find a registrar or company that will pay a residual commission without paying to become a reseller. With that being said I’m going to give this opportunity an honest 6 month try. My monthly cost is $11 as I chose to use private domain registration when I registered meaning I need 11 paying customers per month to break even and although I am no way a search engine optimization expert I do know a thing or two about it. I don’t believe that I will be able to make thousands of dollars per month but perhaps a few hundred dollars. My cost of opening a beta test GDI business will be $66.

If you want to explore the possibility of starting your own part time Global Domains International Business feel free to visit


Yes, I know that the intent was to give Global Domains International an honest 6 months try but a short 3 days later I cancelled my account. Why?

GDI STATS 301 unique visitors to my GDI .ws pitch page, 3 prospects who watched the presentation and 0 trial memberships. Of course, this is a limited amount of data but leads me to a disturbing conclusion. The pitch page is converting at 1%, not terrible but not absolutely great either. Of the 301 unique visitors who watched the personalized video 0 registered for a trial membership which leads me to a logical conclusion. In all likelihood I would need just as many video views in order to generate 1 trial account if the 1% conversion rate held true. This than brings up the unknown of how many trial accounts would convert to an actual user and what the user retention rate would be. In my opinion variables that are not worth exploring for a $1 monthly commission.

This is not to say that a person cannot make money with Global Domains International. As I stated in the review I do not recommend GDI to internet marketing newbies. As I also stated, I am not a newbie but I am also not an expert but was able to drive 301 unique visitors to the pitch page. In my opinion this would be a very time consuming process for a person who is attempting to get their feet wet in online marketing and could potentially become expensive.

Based on my findings I have decided that the Global Domains International business opportunity is not for me.

3 thoughts on “Global Domains International (GDI) Business Opportunity Review. Is Global Domains International (GDI) a Scam?

  1. Melissa

    Great Blog Post! GDI is a good company. It’s interesting that you say that you don’t recommend GDI to newbies. I would say it depend on what type of business they are looking for. It only pays $1 for signup but $100 for every person you refer. So that’s not bad either. It’s not for everyone.

  2. Gavin Hoole

    Nice honest blog post. Thank you.

    I think many people jump into GDI expecting to get rich quick. I registered in 2008 (I think it was) and have a sub-domain with GDI too – – with information on the South African learner’s licence test (driving).

    For years I have used my site to provide information and to support the sale of my books for the driving learner’s licence test preparation. More recently I added Google Adsense to both sites. I have no-one in my GDI downline and my site is earning me roughly $200 a month in ad revenue. So, that’s about twenty times as much as the domain/website package is costing me. As I actually have two sites for my $10 pm, one could say that each site is costing me $5 pm and I earn 40 times that in ad revenue, per site.

    It is only now that I am starting to promote GDI as an income opportunity. Hopefully I will have some success.

    I agree with you that Global Domains International is NOT a scam. Some sites that claim it is are using that line as an SEO hook to promote their own non-GDI opportunity. I’m satisfied that the company is genuine and has good customer support.

    Incidentally, GDI is not an MLM company. It is a Network Marketing company with a multi-level compensation plan. Affiliates market to only one level of customers, one’s first level, and all customers pay the same price. In MLM there is a multilevel marketing structure — a subtle but important difference. 😉

    Thanks again for your post!

  3. Vincent R. Parker

    Hi there,

    You wrote this two years ago and still people are finding it. I did! You say you’re not an expert but you know your stuff enough. 🙂

    Anyway, I agree it’s a legitimate business. Operational since 2000, A+ rating with the BBB… they have proven themselves over and over.

    But there is a learning curve and you can’t expect to see results right away. For most it takes years of work before they see any meaningful progress. There are exceptions to that, of course. I have a few on my team. But the bottom line is that for most it’s a long term and sometimes frustrating endeavor.

    Anthony is right, it’s legitimate, but it’s not for everyone. My advice would be to subscribe to his blog, learn a little, and then make an informed decision. Maybe in the future you can talk him into joining YOUR team. 😮

    Thanks for the post!

    P.S. The landing pages at GDI (two years later) are still just as bad. 😉


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