7 thoughts on “Zen Arbitrage Review – An Honest Review of Zen Arbitrage

  1. M Walker

    My experience with them has not been good. 1. If you can’t get the program to work for you–for instance, if you can’t get approved by Amazon to be a seller which is the main focus–they don’t help much. 2. They’re expensive. 3. They keep charging every month! 4. They never refund, regardless of the reason. Tricky that they charge at the end of a period so they can say the service has been used, even if it hasn’t been. 5. They have no phone, they claim, so you have to wait on limited email responses. 6. They take advantage of people and their access to credit accounts. 7. Even if notifying them to cancel, they keep charging.

    1. Anthony Post author

      1. I don’t see any reason why a person cannot become approved to sell for Amazon. I had no issue at all getting approved with Amazon.
      2. Expensive is a matter of opinion. If you fell they’re expensive you’re entitled to your opinion.
      3. Why would they keep charging? It’s a monthly software subscription.
      4. You’re paying to use the software. If you’re unhappy simply cancel. When I discovered that I didn’t have the time necessary to devote to Zen Arbitrage I cancelled my subscription with no problem.
      5. I believe it’s easier to respond to emails as compared to having people seeking step by step walk through over the phone. They have training videos available that show a person how to use the software.
      6. How do they take advantage of people and their access to credit? It’s a software subscription. Zen Arbitrage doesn’t make any more or less depending on a persons access to credit.
      7. Again, I cancelled with no problem.

  2. Larry

    I ‘ve been selling books on Amazon for years. Most were books I bought for myself. My point is you can get a sellers account before joining “Zen Arbitrage”. I am probably going to join this, mainly for access to the software. I can’t comment on trying to get a refund or stopping monthly payments, but the fees sound reasonable and I think I can make a profit.

  3. Andrew

    They will not refund for any reason, they delay responding as much as possible to try to get the next month to charge before you cancel. It is incredibly difficult to find the right books that turn a profit, even with their jenky “software”. A year+ later after cancelling I have books that haven’t sold. IMO the idea for book arbitrage was good a few years back and is officially past it’s usefulness for the entry level person, this is why there are scam artists selling subscription “software” and methods on how to do it, the programs are far more lucrative than the honest people duped into spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours like I did before figuring out it’s not as easy as con artist Peter Valley makes it sound (far from it), nor is it even remotely viable as a money making work-from-home opportunity. Even his “Marketplace” is a virtual dead zone you can spend a lot of time finding deals, updating them every day, just to spin your wheels letting the months click into their next month charges while you should be doing ANYTHING else with your life.

    1. Anthony Post author


      As I stated in my review on Zen Arbitrage, this is not a get rich quick scheme and is an actual business.

      I am an affiliate for Zen Arbitrage and although I haven’t referred a ton of business to Peter I do know that people will not and would not continue to pay, month after month, for close to a year if Zen were in any way shape or form a scam.

      My personal renewal rate from affiliates is at approximately 70%.

      Additionally if Zen Arbitrage didn’t work and Peter Valley was indeed a scam artist there is no way I would have written a positive review nor have become an affiliate just to make a few dollars per month.

      I personally know of people who are utilizing the system to make a substantial side income and in some cases a full time income.

      The amount of money one can make is contingent upon time, money, ability to learn and scale which is why I chose to become an affiliate as opposed to getting into the business myself as I stated in my article.

      I don’t want to sound crass but just because you didn’t find success does not equate to Peter Valley being a scam artist.

      You’re of course entitled to your opinion.

  4. bee

    I thank you for this review, i stumbled first on a copy cat that would charge way more money and then i found Peter and he is the original and it feels better knowing there are good reviews. thx


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