Nine University Review – Is Nine University a Scam? Review – Is NineUniversity a Scam?

I’ve never heard of or had know about Nine University until a few days ago. I was checking my traffic statistics when I found a rather odd exit link.  I clicked the link to find that a person arrived at my blog and wanted to find out if I had written a review on Nine University.

At the the time I hadn’t written a NineUniversity review but I’m am now writing a review on NineUniversity thanks to the anonymous visitor.

I haven’t found my business opportunity as of yet and thought that perhaps Nine University could be the business opportunity I’ve been seeking.

If your a returning visitor you already know that this is going to be a long and detailed review.

For those of you who are on my blog for the first time and seeking unbiased information on whether or not NineUniversity is scam or not I need you to do the following.

Please use the bathroom, grab a snack and a beverage.

Please prepare yourself to read the most detailed review of Nine University ever written.

I will provide you with a background on NineUniveristy, review the business opportunity proposition, provide my experience with the “enrollment specialist” and end the article by attempting to answer the question, “Is Nine University a Scam?”

What is NineUniversity and Who is Behind Nine University?

Nine University is one of many FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) course products available on the internet.

NineUniversity is operated by two individuals, Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott.

Kale Abrahamson was a Division 1 college basketball player who had the dream of becoming a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (N.B.A.)

He played college basketball for 3 Division 1 Universities but upon graduation his dream of becoming a professional basketball player was over.

He found himself sitting in a cubicle, working a job he hated and was miserable.


Taylor on the left, Kale on the right

Kale decided to open an Amazon business and did well. So well in fact that he asked his friend Taylor to go into business with him who accepted. of NineUniversity

Again, had it not been for the anonymous visitor to my blog who wanted to find out if I had written a review on Nine University I would have never had found out about it.

I went opened my web browser, typed in the words, “Nine University” into the Google search engine and looked an

I clicked on and perused the website.

Initial Thoughts of

When I first arrived on I though that the site looked professional. I bounced around for a little while and clicked on the “Claims and Substantiations” page located on the bottom of home page.

The page was filled with amazing sales revenues by students of Nine University.

For example:




















The above looks impressive but is it really? Revenue simply means the amount of product sold but in order to arrive at a conclusion as to whether or not the course is profitable I need to know what the net revenue is.

How much money is being made after purchasing of the products, shipping, Fulfilled by Amazon storage fees, and marketing costs. However, even at a 40% profit margin the numbers looked good for both of the above students.

My curiosity was peaked so I decided to click on the “Get 20 Free minutes of Free Consulting” tab.

I entered my email and was taken to a page with the “training video.”

Nine University Training Video

The NineUniversity free training video was no so much a training video as much as it was a introduction/pitch video as to how Kale became involved with Amazon FBA and how successful both he and his partner quickly became.

  • He and his partner made $1,000,000 every 3-4 months on Amazon at age 25!
  • 2011-2016 – Basketball player.
  • Jan 2017 – Still a basketball player.
  • May 2017 – Broke, depressed in a cubicle.
  • December 2017 – $100,000.
  • May 2018 – $1,000,000.
  • 2018 Total – $4,000,000.

As I watched the video I’ll admit that a sinking feeling came over me. The introduction video was the tried and proven “sales psychology” video presentation.

Kale was broke and working a job he hated. He decided to get into a fulfilled by Amazon business and shows his former tiny apartment filled with boxes.

He strikes gold and partners with his friend Taylor.

He rents a luxury apartment, buys a new luxury car as Taylor purchases a home with his wife and a new car as well. There are photographs of smiling faces and vacations on the beach.

Below is the information that Kale provides in the introduction video.

The 3 Types of Nine University Clients

1. Those that just want to make money online and don’t know where to start.
2. Those that LOVE the idea of selling on Amazon
3. Those that already sell on Amazon and need help growing.

Who is Nine University For?

1. Hopeful/Serious entrepreneurs who understand that starting a business is not just a walk in the park.
2. Have a source of income already, whether that’s a current job or operating a business.
3. People who know that they are good and believe that they can dominate their marketplace and make a high 6-figure even 7-figure income.
4. People who truly love entrepreneurship and value the customer above all else.
5. Understand that they need to have some skin in the game. You need to spend money to make money.

Who Is Nine University Not For?

1. Broke people.
2. Excuse makers and complainers.
3. Stuck in information seeking mode.
4. People not serious about growing their business to $100K+

Before Kale provides the above information, he makes in clear that he is only looking for a select few.

He solidifies this statement at the end of the video when he states that over 100people applied in the last 30 days, that space is lmited, that only 5 out of 100 who apply are approved as clients and that there are only 2 spots left and that I need to act quickly!

2 spots left?! How would he know that there are only 2 spots left when the video is pre-recorded? Is he redoing this video every time the video is viewed?

Act quickly?! Other words for be prepared to give me your money.

At this point I’m skeptical but decide to push forward by “applying.”

Applying to NineUniversity is a simple short form that pushes you into talking yourself into why NineUniversity should accept you as a client. The way the form is set up is to make you want to give your money to NineUniversity.

I completed the form and booked the call with the “enrollment specialist.” It was a little after 1PM and my call was booked for the same day at 4PM.

I had a little under 4 hours to research as much as I could about NineUniversity before the “enrollment” call which I knew was going to be a 1 call sales close call.

NineUniversity 1 Close Sales Call

How did I know I was being setup for a 1 close sales call?

When I booked the call it was made known that all decision makers should be present during the call.

Why would NineUniversity require all decision makers to be present?

In my former life I was employed as in home sales person in the home improvement industry, more specific, a bathroom renovation home improvement company.

The company would not allow me to provide the estimate (sit) to the customer without all decision makers present.


By having all decision makers present the get out of the sales pitch excuse of “I need to talk to my wife,” or I need to talk to my husband” went out the window.

With both decision makers present a decision could be made at the table that day.

However, in my capacity as a sales person for a bathroom renovation company, the customers had an idea of cost associated with bathroom renovation project.

At this point in time I had no idea what the cost of an Fulfilled by Amazon Consultant could be.

The Video After Booking the Call

In order to make the call with the “enrollment specialist” to go as smoothly as possible it is strongly suggested that you watch the next video.

The next video was an overview of what a client is to expect by becoming a client of Nine University.

The video wasn’t so much an overview as it was a sales hype video designed to get me, as a potential client, as excited as possible about becoming a NineUniversity client.

Both Kale and Taylor spoke with excitement and a bit over the top.

To summarize the video, it ran a little over 20 minutes and provided the following information.

14 Weeks of Nine University Training

Week1 = Foundation
Week2 = 7 figure product research – high demand low competition products with a high return on investment.
Week3 = Finding an elite supplier – “Everyone is telling you how to find a supplier is wrong!”
Week4 = Shipping and logistics from your Amazon supplier to Amazon.
Week5 = Creating a listing – photos, titles and descriptions.
Week6 = From “a” product to “the” product.
Week7 = Elite pay per click advertising/robotic growth.
Week8 – Facebook advertising.
Week 9 = Targeting conversions
Week 10 = Split testing
Week 11 = Social proof
Week 12 = Autopilot
Week 13 = Scale
Week 14 = Bonus

The Four (4) Pillars of Nine University

  1. Content – The 14 weeks of Nine University training videos.
  2. Coaching- 1 on 1 coaching and weekly live streams.
  3. Community – Private Facebook Group.
  4. Tools – BoostNine research software (similar to Jungle Scout) & Honey Badger Boost (Automated listings and professional images.)


Nine University Bonus Videos

After watching the after booking call video with Taylor and Kale I decided to watch only 1 of the numerous bonus videos provided. The “bonus” videos were actually interview videos with the most successful NineUniversity clients.

This video with a client named, “Nick” from New York City ran a little over 18 minutes.

Here’s a summary of the information Nick provided in the bonus video.

  • 131K a month selling on Amazon = Net profit of 40% = $52,400 per month = $628k+ per year
    and growing!
  • Nick is a medical professional.
  • Majority of sales from 1 product.
  • Was a client of a competing Amazon FBA service and was unhappy when he came across Nine Univeristy.
  • Went into an Amazon FBA business to purchase a BMW M4.
  • Called the NineUniversity cost miniscule.

Researching Nine University

Watching the two additional video took nearly 40 minuutes and I ate up another 5 minutes went I went into the refridgerator in my garage and smoked a cigarette. (I know it’s a terrible habit.)

I knew I was going to sit through a one call close but had no idea what the cost of becoming a Nine University client could be.

I went into Google and came across a bunch of review sites that appeared to be dated.

Most of the Nine University reviews had information about a 7 week NineUniversity course at a cost of $1,997.

A one time payment of $1,997 or 4 installments of $599 over 4 months for a total of = $2,396!

As I now had an idea as to the cost of NineUniversity I decided to attempt to find out if NineUniversity had an affiliate program.

I found a link to the NineUniversity affiliate program but every time I click on the link the page redirected back to the homepage.

This told me that NineUniversity once had an affiliate program but no longer did. As such I arrived at two (2) logical conclusions.

NineUniversity had grown so much that they no longer needed to have an affiliate program and the price was probably going to be higher than the one time payment of $1,997 or 4 installments of $599 over 4 months for a total of $2,396.

As I researched further I came across the below video.

“This is my nine university review. Huge developments in the story. this is a follow up to our last story. Nine university has their followers going on flagging campaigns to remove content they don’t like, and when that fails, they copyright strike the videos. Worse than Kevin David’s make money online course. Disaster. ”

Criticism in business happens for a variety of reasons but to know that Kale Abrahamson felt it necessary to flag videos that were unflattering and offering gift cards to people who could rank for the keyword of “Nine University Reviews” was unsettling.

I knew I was going to sit through a 1 call close call and could only speculate as to the cost of becoming a Nine University client as time continued to pass.

The NineUniversity One (1) Call Close Experience

My call was scheduled at 4PM but at 3:47PM I received a text message stating that I was emailed with a subject line of “Pre-Call Checklist.”

I went into my email client and opened the email.











I complete the 5 Minute Financial Assessment which inquired about my credit score, yearly income, amount of available credit lines, how much money I wanted to have in the bank in the next year and financial goals.

What struck me as odd is the sentence of “We need this back AT LEAST one hour prior to the call because it will help us create a personalized gameplan for you and your goals.”

The 5 Minute Financial Assessment is needed AT LEAST one hour prior to the call yet I received the email at 3:46PM, 14 minutes prior to my scheduled call.

With only 2 spots left and only 5 out of 100 people being accepted as a NineUniversity client what was the rush?

At 4:06PM my cell phone rang and I answered the call from “Director of Enrollment” David.

The conversation started off nice enough with a quick introduction and the normal pleasantries.

When asked when I found out about NineUniversity I answered honestly by stating that I had just found out about NineUniversity a day prior.

He told me he had received my financial assessment and asked if all decision makers were present.

I told him that my wife’s money is hers and my money is mine so we’re both free to do with our money as we like and that her presence was not necessary.

David explained that his job is to “filter” through people who are serious candidates or not serious candidates.

If he felt I was a serious candidate my application would be forwarded to Taylor and Kale.

He further explained that there were a total of over 100 hundred people who were either employees of Nine University or contracted to Nine University.

“Over 100 people? This is going to be expensive” I thought to myself.

I had a ton of questions written down in notepad on my laptop and was eager to have my questions answered.

However, asking questions were not in my cards as David give me little to no openings to ask questions let alone one question.

He would ask me a question, I would give him an answer and he would then go on 5 minute or longer periods of nonstop speaking.

David would make a statement ask, “Right?’ and before I could answer he would go on another 5 minute or longer period of speaking.

After about twenty minutes of dealing with this I wondered if he even cared if I were listening to what he was saying or not.

With my cell phone on speaker mode, I left my basement, walked up the stairs, walked though my hallway, through my kitchen and out the back door of my home out into the backyard.

I opened my the side door to my garage, opened my refrigerator, cracked open a beer, took a sip and lit a cigarette.

I smoked the cigarette and entered my home in the same way I had exited.

David didn’t stop speaking once, not once as I shook my head in disbelief.

He finally stopped speaking and asked me how much I needed to earn from my Amazon store in order to leave my job as I answered on the financial assessment.

I answered honestly and told me based on what I had told him that my level of investment should be on the Elite  Program?

“Elite Program?” I asked as he replied, “There are 3 Nine University programs with differing levels of investment. Based upon your answers your an ideal candidate for the Elite Program.”

He began to explain the offering of the Elite Program even though I wanted to know what other NineUniversity programs were available.

I’m normally a laid back guy but I found myself becoming both agitated and angry.

As a person who spent a decade in sales I couldn’t believe that I was suffering through one of the if not the worst sales call of my life!

David even went so far as to begin to read an article to me about Nine University.

“David…David….David…David” I said over again until he finally stopped speaking.

A Logical Questions with No Answer?!

“David how many students does Nine University have?” I asked.

This was the most important question on my list with good reason.

If NineUniversity is teaching clients, regardless of investment level, the same exact thing I need to know how many people are clients.

If there are thousands of clients the course is already overly saturated regardless of the cost.

I was dumbfounded at the answer.

“The number of students will differ based on investment level but I would need to check with the boys to get you the answer” he answered.

He would need to check with the boys yet he’s an “Enrollment Director?”

“I can tell you that the Elite Program group is rather small” he stated.

“How small as in how many members?” I asked.

“It’s a small group” he responded ignoring my question.

At this point I went from agitaged and angry to furious as I did my best to contain myself.

“David at this point I just need to know the levels of investment” I said to him as I clenched my teeth and my jaw.

“Before I disclose the investment levels, the cost doesn’t matter if you don’t believe the boys can deliver and get you to where you need to be. Do you believe they can?” he explained.

“The cost does matter David. I need to use a combination of the cost as well as my belief in NineUniversity to arrive at a conclusion. I may feel it’s a reasonable price or I may not. I can’t tell you either way without knowing the investment levels” I explained as calmly as I could.

The Cost/Investment Levels of Nine University

  1. Elite Program – a 5 month program where I receive 24/7 coaching via Facebook. If I want to continue receiving coaching after 5 months I could do so at a cost of $297 per month. Cost = $15,000!
  2. KTVIP – $10K! program.
  3. NineUniversity – $4K! Self study videos.

“Wow, the cost is much more than I had expected” I admitted to David.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing after I said the above sentence to him.

NineUniversity Same Day Incentive

I that I knew going into this call that it was going to be a one call close but now I knew that I was correct.

I did very well with it while employed as a home improvement bathroom renovation sales person with a same day incentive but there is a huge difference between home improvement sales and Amazon consulting.

When I was selling bathroom renovations it was a lengthy process.

Introductions, measurements, consultation, samples, pricing, etc. an average estimate was well over two hours.

My company would provide a same day incentive for signing an agreement that day.


A 10%-15% same day incentive could save the customer anywhere between  $4,200-$6,300.

More important if I needed to schedule a day and time to return to the home only to sign the agreement that was a block of time I wasn’t providing an estimate which was potentially a project lost for the company.

For customers that did call me back I would normally still be able to provide a discount, not as great, but still a discount.

I understood why my company provided the same day incentive I just didn’t always agree with it.

However, the NineUniversity same day incentive made no sense to me.

We’re talking over the phone and if I decided to move forward all it would take was an email!

I don’t know if you find this humorous but I did as the same day incentive was called “Take Action Savings.”

Elite Program – $15K but $9,800 with take action savings. Discount of approximately 34.67%.
KTVIP – $10K but $5,800 with take action savings. Discount of 42%.
NineUniversity – $4K with but with take action savings $2,997. Discount of approximately 25.1%.
“If I call you back tomorrow and am ready to become a client I can’t receive the discount?” I asked.

“No, I’m sorry the boys won’t allow it” he attempted to explain.

I couldn’t hold back my fury any longer.

“You can’t tell me how many students NineUniversity has,  I have no way of knowing whether the successful clients are successful or not. I had no idea prior to this call what the cost would be. I have no idea as to whether or not NineUniversity can do for me what they say they do” I snapped at him.

“They can” he replied calmly.

“People can say anything they like but it doesn’t make it true. For all you know I earn $25K a year, have a sub 500 credit score and am doing nothing more than wasting your time” I said with anger.

“I know you’re not but what do you think?” he asked.

“I have a bad taste in my mouth” I said to him.

“Well, it was nice speaking to you. I have another call and we’re over our hour time. Take care” he said as he ended the call.

Was I angry he ended the call the way he did? At first yes but the more I think about it the more I’m happy he didn’t remain on the call only for me to berate him.

Is Nine University a Scam?

Is NineUniversity a scam?

I don’t doubt that NineUniversity provides what they say they do. I believe they provide the training videos and the different levels of coaching that they claim to provide.

For that reason I can’t state that Nine University is a scam but I can’t also state with certainty that what NineUniversity provides in the form of training and consulting will work.


Why I Won’t Recommend NineUniversity

There are a few reason why I won’t recommend NineUniversity as a viable business opportunity.

However, I will provide only three (5) in no particular order.

  1. Course/Consulting – NineUniversity claims to be a consulting service yet offers a training course consisting of videos for $4,000 or discounted at $2,997. I feel that even as a course it’s way overpriced even with the “Take Action Savings. On the consulting side, a true consultant tells you exactly what do and will review what you did as compared to what you were told. NineUniversity does not provide this. What Nine University offers on the consulting said is show you what yoy should do, trial and error and then ask for advice. How is this consulting?
  2. Shady Sales Tactics – The financial assessment is not meant to assist you but to assist Nine University on what program to sell you on. You provide detailed financial information and they don’t verify said information. It’s a tool used to make a sale. “Take Action Savings” is nothing more than to make a person feel he or she is getting a deal when in reality even with the “Take Action Savings” the NineUniversity programs are still overpriced.
  3. Kale’s Inability to be Criticized – Haters will hate but instead of sticking to his guns hw goes out an offers gift cards for keyword rankings for “Nine University Reviews” and asks people to flag videos that don’t sing the praises of Nine University? If the programs do what they say they do then why take this course of action?
  4. Does NineUniversity Work? – I have no idea but am not willing to invest $5 with this company to find out.
  5. Revenue means nothing – As a retail store or ecommerce store you could earn revenues of $3,000,000 per year and lose $1,000,000. Revenue numbers look impressive but are they really?

Tell Me What You Think About Nine University

I hope this Nine University review article has helped you with your decision making process as to whether or not you will become a NineUniversity client.

Do you agree with my Nine University review or do you disagree with my NineUniversity review?

Are you a current or former client of Nine University? If so, what had you’re experience been like.

Please share your thoughts on Nine university by commenting below.


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