Review of Kevin David’s Amz Automation Program – Amazon Automation System by Kevin David

Review of Amz Automation by Kevin David –

As has become the norm lately I was on my Facebook account when I came across an advertisement from a man named Kevin David.

In his video advertisement he stated he will create a completely automated Amazon business for me and do all the work.

My interest was peaked so I decided to click through the video and provide my email address.

Who Is Kevin David?

Kevin David’s legal name is Kevin David Hulse and is a well know internet marketer and self made millionaire. I’ll admit that I didn’t know who he was until I began researching his Amazon Automation Program.

I’ll also admit that what he’s been able to accomplish is quite impressive considering that as of this post he’s only 30 years old. Kevin David has an approximate net worth of anywhere between $5 million and $20 million dollars and has won an award that can only be attained by hitting a sales revenue of $10,000,000.

As of this post his YouTube channel has over 950,000 subscribers, his Twitter account 8,654 followers and has 212,000 Instagram followers.

It’s obvious that Kevin David knows how to market by his social media presence, his accumulated wealth and his marketing methods.

His advertisements whether for his podcasts or products normally contain a photo with an exotic Lamborghini. Granted I didn’t search for many but came across pictures of him with an orange Lamborghini as well as him inside a white Lamborghini.

There is also a YouTube video of a house walk through of a home he purchased for $2.3 million in San Diego, complete with an ocean view.

It’s been proven that when attempting to sell informational products nothing converts better than selling success. Its been said time and again that if you want to be successful you need to surround yourself with successful people and I couldn’t agree more.

As, I said, Kevin David Hulse knows how to market.

It’s been proven time and again that attraction marketing works and he utilized this technique as well. The picture of the pretty girl on the left was shown to me in an attempt to obtain to either obtain my contact information or provide a discount. I honesty can’t remember. Attraction marketing backfire! (Am I joking or am I not?”)

Kevin David has sold many products and courses in his career with his newest product being the just launched Amazon Automation known as AMZ Automation.

What is Kevin David’s Amazon Automation (AMZ Automation)?

Simply stated, Kevin David’s Amazon Automation Program, Kevin and his team will create a successful Amazon Store for you for a fee and do all of the work.

Kevin and his partner have a 55,000 square foot warehouse that has inventory of  products that they feel will successfully sell on Amazon. You pay the fee based on your level of investment and keep a credit card on file with the company.

They will automatically select the products to sell and have those products shipped to Amazon on your behalf.

The sales are made on Amazon and are fulfilled by Amazon.

The end game is to gain exclusivity to a product so that you are the only person that is able to sell that product on Amazon.

However, partners are to look at the system from the standpoint of a financial investment with regard to the rate of return as well as from an equity standpoint in the business itself.

The more equity built the more your Amazon store can be sold for.

The fee is based upon the investment level you choose.

What are The Investment Levels for Kevin David’s Amazon Automation (AMZ Automation)?

  1. Standard Automation – $25,000. Working capital mininum $7,500/maxium $10,000
  2. Platinum Automation – $40,000. Working capital minimum $15,000/maximum $35,000
  3. Diamond Automation – $100,000. Working capital minimum $50,000 working capital requirement

In addition to the above investment levels there is also a 30% monthly fee based on your monthly net income.

For example, your Amazon store earns a net profit of $3,000 in a month, the fee would be $900.

The investment model is based upon reinvesting your working capital plus your net profit margin on a monthly basis.

For example, on the Platinum Automation investment level starting with working capital of $15,000 and profit of $2,009.70 on a 45 day inventory turnaround you would reinvest a total of $17,009.70 and continue each time with a timeframe of 24 months being the goal.

However, at the end of year one there is an account management fee of $25,000.

If and when you’re ready to sell Kevin David and his team will broker the sale for you for a fee which I believe is 30% of the final sales price.

Only 50 Diamond Automation clients are accepted in a calendar year and a total of 15 new clients per week in total spread out amongst all the investment levels.

My Concerns with Amazon Automation by Kevin David (AMZ Automation)

I had many concerns with Amazon Automation by Kevin David and needed answers before I could consider the opportunity further.

As such I scheduled a call with a sales representative.

Below is a summary of my questions asked and how they were answered by the sales representative.

“What products are being sold?”

I asked this question to my sales representative and was provided with an answer of “Products that sell. Kevin knows what he’s doing and already has products on hand ready to be shipped out on your behalf.”

“What am I being charged for the products?” 

“Your credit card will automatically be charged once your products are selected.”

This was not the answer I was seeking. What I wanted to know was what would be my average markup.

What I’m a buying, what is the cost per unit and what will each unit sell for on average?

I wanted to know so I asked.

“How much am I buying products for and what is the cost per unit and what will each unit sell for on average?”

“That’s not important.

What is important is your average monthly profit and we’re providing a conservative return in investment of 14.5%.”

I would be happy with a 14.5% return on investment but my sales representative skirted my question.

“Wouldn’t my Amazon store be competing with other clients’ Amazon stores?”

“Amazon earns a profit of over $200,000,000 per year. Even if we took a small percentage of that profit that is still a ton of money to go round.”

Again my question wasn’t answered so I had to ask with question in a different way.

“If I were to invest in the Platinum Automation and David has 500 other Platinum clients wouldn’t I be competing against those clients?”

“Not at all. On the Platinum level your store would be selling around 10 products maximum per month. 3 of the products would be shared products while the other 6 would be exclusive to you. Besides there are over 20 million products that are sold through Amazon so there are plenty of products”

I didn’t buy this answer at all.

With any product or service there is a saturation point.

How many clients will Kevin David sell on AMZ Automation before it’s too big to handle effectively?

How many products have been identified and already purchased by Kevin David that meet his criteria based on his formula?

I didn’t ask this question but wished that I had.

“Why would a customer purchase from my store as opposed to one of David’s other clients or another Amazon store not assocation with AMZ Automation at all?”

“It’s all about the Amazon buy box. Our clients will be able to get there products into the buy box. The buy box is a round robin type of system so each client will receive a percetage of those sales. Eventually, we’ll sell so much of the product that there will be no reason for the manufacturer to deal with anyone besides us. We then become the exclusive seller of that product on Amazon.”

I found myself scratching my head over this answer as it raised another concern.

“I’m purchasing my products from David therefor the exclusive relationship is his, not mine.”

“You’re correct but then only David’s clients have access to that product to sell on Amazon.”

This answer again lead to me to another question but my head was spinning.

I should have asked, “Which clients get to sell that product?” but I wasn’t able to ask the question.

“My biggest concern is why there is no guarantee. Why can’t a specific level of net revenue be guaranteed?”

“No investment is guaranteed. Look what happened to wall street years ago.”

To be candid I was expecting this sort of answer as Kevin David in his marketing videos as well as profit estimation calculator is clear that the AMZ Automation system is an alternative form of investing.

As such no investment is guaranteed and a disclaimer of the below is provided on the bottom of the profit estimation calculator.

*Profit estimation sheet is not a guarantee of results, it is meant as an educational resource and illustration of the past performance of David and Kevin’s personal Amazon account performance, this is a long term investment, it can take 1-3 weeks to set up your seller central account, llc, and reseller certificate, and it can take 4-6 weeks from account set up to be generating sales into your account, if you are not a long term thinking looking to build generational wealth, this is not for you.

At this point I was sure I wanted to end my conversation with the sales representative so I provided him with a “close tell” statement.

“I think I’m finished with questions at this point. What would be then next steps if I wanted to join?”

The AMZ Automation Sales Representative Goes for the Close!

“First I need you to understand that David is very selective on who to partner with. We’re looking for individuals that have a background in investing and who are able to invest without financing Do you have experience with investing?” he asked.

“Not so much. A little real estate and saving my money. I prefer to be liquid,” I replied

(When I stated a little real estate I was referring to my house. My house is a type of investment as it builds equity.)

“Real estate is a form of investing so it sounds like you can be a potential partner,” he said to me.

(Really? He didn’t ask what form of real estate investing I was involved with and never asked me how much money I was able to invest comfortably. All he knew was that we were discussing the Platinum level.)

“Great…what now?” I asked.

“I’ve been taking notes during our conversation and will forward them to David. There is a waiting list so don’t expect to hear anything back until next Wednesday at earliest” he explained to me.

“Okay, I guess I’ll wait to hear something back. By the way I have a few more questions,” I responded.

“This call was only meant to be a half and hour maximum and we’re over. I have another call to make” he responded.

(Really? I have additional questions but you need to make another call? Goodbye!)

“Okay, nice chatting,” I responded and ended the call.

A little over an hour later I receive a text message from the sales representative saying, “Good news u got accepted. May I get your full name so I can send out the agreement”

Considering this call took place on a Saturday and was told to expect a response by Wednesday at earliest I was disturbed to find out I had been “accepted” a little over an hour after my conversation with the sales representative.

“Shocking” I sent a text in reply which I followed with another text of, “David received it already? Thought I was looking at Wednesday?”

“We review all the files on the weekend” a text response followed a few minutes later with another text a minute later that read, “David didn’t review it yet but our account executive has then it gets forwarded to David.”

(This is not what I was told a little over an hour before! I this point I decided to didn’t even want to review the agreement!)

Why I won’t invest in AMZ Automation

Let me be clear with this statement. I am not defaming Kevin David by stating that his Amazon Automation System known as AMZ Automation is a scam.

The truth is that I don’t have enough information to reach a conclusion of whether or not AMZ Automation is a scam.

Therefore I will clearly state that I’m not stating that Kevin David’s Amazon Automation program is a scam.

However, there are reasons why I won’t personally invest and become a partner on any level.

My reasoning is my own personal opinion and personal belief with regard to AMZ Automation.

To open and have a 55,000 square foot warehouse full of products and creating the infrastructure would not only be difficult but I would need millions of dollars that I don’t have that Kevin David and his partner obviously have.

Kevin David is worth more alive than I’ll probably ever be worth dead. He’s a young and successful millionaire, two facts that cannot be disputed.

I don’t believe the reason he chose to enter into this business model is to make me a “conservative” 14.5% return on my investment. I believe the reason he chose to enter into this business model is to make millions of more dollars with no regard for my “investment.”

The investment being made is in the hope that I can own and operate a successful business so that I will make an income and create value in that business so that when I choose to exit I can sell said business. Again, this is a fact that cannot be disputed.

However, in this case I would be investing in Kevin David for his expertise in marketing and past performance of his and his partners own personal Amazon account performances which he is basing the entire business of AMZ Automation on.

He knows what his results have been and how he’s achieved those results but cannot guarantee a result?

If I had the same knowlede I would go with “This is what I’ve achieved and I can do it for you. You may not achieve the same results but I’m so confident in my methods I guarantee that if you invest x amount of dollars with me and allow me to manage your Amazon account you will earn x amount of dollars!”

Instead he went with the “Alternative investment” marketing plan and states that “No investment is guaranteed” and for what I believe to be for a valid reason.

Again, this is my own personal opinion but I believe the reason to be that no guarantee = no risk as I don’t believe the business model is sustainable.

People who have the ability to invest $100,000 plus an additional $50,000 in working capital is a finite group. If I was liquid to the tune of $150,000 this is a business I wouldn’t be entertaining.

However, groups of people who have liquidity of $55,000, although finite, is a much larger group and in my opinion Kevin David’s target market as it would be mine.

Why is this my belief?

The above is a snippet has been taking from the AMZ Automation Package PDF.

“Many of our successful Platinum sellers upgrade to the Diamond plan after year one (And are happy they did!)?

This is a newly launched business opportunity and hasn’t been in existence for a year, as of this posting, yet the above statement is in writing.

I made a statement of belief earlier which reads, “I don’t believe the reason he chose to enter into this business model is to make me a “conservative” 14.5% return on my investment. I believe the reason he chose to enter into this business model is to make millions of more dollars with no regard for my “investment.”

Why did I feel it necessary to state the above belief?

There’s a once popular saying in the sales profession of, “Make as much money as fast as you for as long as you can and let the chips fall where they may.”

Granted I’m in my forties and it’s been close to a decade since I was a full time sales professional but the above saying was how I was trained. It’s an old saying but at the end of the day sales is sales and knowing what I believe to know about Kevin David is that he knows sales.

I’ll forget about Diamond ($100k) for now and crunch numbers based solely on Platinum ($40k) and Bronze ($25K) at numbers I believe are well within reach and how I would look at this business model from my own perspective.

The numbers? 100 Platinum and 50 Bronze for a total of  $5,250,000 in revenue with a total of 150 total clients. If I’m able to properly service half of my clients and retain half of those clients for another year I’m now in the ballpark of $7,64,000 in revenue.

If I take into consideration that AMZ Automation allegedly has over 50 members within weeks of launch the above numbers can easily be surpassed.

I pay $40,000 and allow Kevin David to charge my credit card without knowing anything and assume all the risk while Kevin David earns millions more?

AMZ Automation by Kevin David is not for me.

35 thoughts on “Review of Kevin David’s Amz Automation Program – Amazon Automation System by Kevin David

  1. Sandro

    I am glad to have found this article. You have no idea how many people you have helped out that were considering buying one of their programs. Sometimes people can sugarcoat something so well that they make people leave without doing homework. Thank you for doing the homework we appreciate you lots. Best of luck.

    1. Anthony Post author

      I’m glad you found the article helpful during your research and hope others will as well.

      1. Connie Bishop

        You stopped me from a scheduled call too.

        Just wondering if you ever investigated a Amazon business model that isn’t a scam.

  2. Visitor

    Hi, Anthony
    Thank you very much! You are right!
    Kevin David is a scam artist!
    He uses fake paid testimonials.
    Everyone watch Coffeezilla youtube video: Kevin David Scam
    Kevin forgot a comma, lied people with fake Amazon results.
    He is sick after being Famous, after fast money
    He is teaching hacks, illegal tricks.

    1. Damian

      Thanks for the article and thanks for the video from coffeezilla, this was awesome. I literally almost just dropped $65,000 on this. Wheeeeew, I owe you folks a beer.

  3. Pati Nelson

    OMGosh! Thank you! He now has a new course for lower-level investors, Gold, Platinum, and Bronze. 10K for gold plus $5000 for the product is what I was looking into. I sent the contract to my attorney ($350) who sent me this link. Thank you for saving me $$$!

    Too good to be true? Right, all of the time! I sat in on three of his Automation calls. It is unbelievable how many people are buying into this BS (me included!)

    1. Ryan

      Wow, I have a scheduled call from one of the reps, I mean crooks. Those guys doing this are downright dirty and have no morals.
      When I saw his ad, I was thinking to myself if it sounds too good to be true, it ….you know the rest.

      Thanks for the article.

  4. Dee Mahon

    I have a call booked with them but will cancel after reading this. Thank you so much for saving me from a financial risk I cant bear.
    That said – what a great idea in general as Im also learning how to sell on Amazon at the moment and it’s really hard to find a product and very time consuming for those of us who work full time. That’s why I liked the idea of him doing the sourcing and paying him for his time to manage my store. But I was concerned it was ‘too good to be true’ as these things invariably are. I will pay a Virtual Assistant to do my sourcing for me instead.

  5. charmaine scarlett

    Thank you very much for this review!!! You’ve saved a lot of people from making a huge mistake and investing such large amounts of money. The rich definitely gets richer and at the expense of us fools lol!

  6. Chris Numasch

    Thank you for this refreshingly-honest review.

    I have been a past victim of online schemes and silver-tongued thieves, and learned valuable, expensive lessons to not part so easily with my hard-earned money. Over time, I’ve been able to pick up on sales tactics that caused red flags.

    Recently, I saw the Facebook ad for the newest Amazon “automated business” model. I didn’t suspect or recognize who was selling this product until I saw the Lamborghini. Then I recognized the Amazon magnate in the 20 minute video, after providing an email address (designated for SPAM), just for amusement and hone my red flag recognition skills. After about 10 minutes of jaded entertainment and more skepticism, I paid a visit to my favourite Dr. Google and spotted a newly-acquired BBB designation for this Amz product with four recent complaints (all within the last year, and two from 2020) which do not appear to have been satisfactorily resolved in favour of the complainants, although some of the complaints are marked “resolved”. In fact, in some of the posted responses to the complainants included denials and veiled insults. Very upsetting to read how yet another big internet marketer has reneged on promised services and kept the money. Caveat emptor!!!

    Perhaps a link to the BBB landing page for the specific company? Not sure if there are legal ramifications …

    I have subscribed to your blogs, as it’s very rare indeed to find an honest review of a product. Your review lends to your credibility and builds trust.

  7. Tom Rowles

    An astute analysis of a potential and well thought out ‘Give me your Money’ scheme. I wont call it a scam as Kevin can potentially say that it is a business agreement. No where does Kevin say what the actual figures are. All he says is a potentail 14.5% ROI that is not substantiated by any historic data much less guaranteed.

    Also the offer is not really an offer to build a Amazon business though thats what it looks like on the surface BUT for you to invest in a product Kevin is selling [AMZ Automation]. Also the few details provided regarding AMZ Automation sounds more like a variant of a Ponzi scheme without an actual pyramid structure.

    The interesting thing is its a good con and targets a human trait….Greed. BUT There is no law against that !
    The rest of it is pure Mumbo Jumbo.
    Believe it if you wish.

    Good work Anthony . That was a good review and touched on the core of the issue and, in my opinion, without any attempt to defame.


  8. Omar

    Thanks Anthony for your review. I will try to learn to sell on Amazon without these cons too good to be true . Can’t believe that’s how they make money, feel sorry for them.

  9. Bob

    What I think is odd – if he has a 55,000 sq/f warehouse, why isn’t he doing his own fulfillment? Sending products for Amazon fulfillment means a 30% cut for Amazon.

    1. KJ

      Because then the risk is all on him. If the product doesn’t sell, he doesn’t make money. This way (describes above) he clears several million and has annual recurring revenue with hardly any risk (assuming he lured enough people into it). 30% of some unknown revenue with all the risk… or several million assured with close to no risk… easy to see why they’re going at it this way.

  10. Ras

    Amazing research work, very informative and I am glad that I read your article word by word, indeed you never said they are a scam but fair enough that you don’t understand them, and same applies to my situation, I have money but I now don’t want to invest with them as they are complicated to understand, it’s probably great for risk takers with additional money, I am OUT.

    Thanks again

  11. Arnold

    Their ad caught my attention, but since there wasn’t any information whatsoever on their website, I figured I should google if they are a scam.

    As I was reading through this post, the part that made me realize they’re not worth investing with was:

    1. They retain 30% monthly net profits and expect me to reinvest 100% of whats left (All the working capital plus my full share of profits. How is this an attractive business model for any investor?)
    2. No matter how much profit there is at the end of the year, they are going to bank another $25,000? what if that 25k is 95% of the profits for the year? that would mean my ROI is going to be only 5% when my capital was the only one at risk the whole year.

    I truly feel sorry for all the people that will fall for this. Because while this might not be a scam, I think that there is far better ways to invest 10k.

  12. Mohammed

    Anthony. The reason I am writing this so I could thank you for helping a lot of people and confirming my theory that this is someone trying to get richer by using our money.
    I actually saw the ad and then added my email about four days ago and just now I had Tim to read there email and their fancy words. So I do what I always do. At the end of the email they had their company name listed. all I did is copied it and pasted on google. I read The BBB reviews and I said nice reviews properly they did them.
    Than I put on google their company name added the word review and there is your post. It just confirmed my theory.
    As you said it’s not confirmed to be a scam, but it’s not my forte.

  13. GotScammed

    It is a complete scam. I actually fell into their trap and invested 40k with verbal guarantees of a refund if I wasn’t happy. I was told if I dont send additional $ for inventory they can’t setup my account. I didn’t send the inventory monies as I wanted to setup my corp and complete my Amz seller account setup first. This process took a few weeks and during that time I noticed several inconsistencies in their messaging and supposed support so I asked for a refund at that point they started firing emails stating they have invested thousands to setup my account and must charge a 20% fee if I want a refund. Their own customer svc rep confirmed nothing was setup and apologized but they stuck to their guns and wouldn’t refund 100%. This is now being handled by my lawyers. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!

  14. Jennifer Barnes

    Wow! Thank GOD you wrote this – hopefully anyone looking to invest with this crook does a simple google search and finds this post. Good for you for calling him out! What a LOSER!!!

  15. Jared

    Thank you for doing this investigation and asking most the same questions I was wondering. I run a coupons website and was considering looking into AMZ automation since I have ability to easily promote Amazon products with my current business. But, after reading this, I smell a pawnzy scheme type of growth model. Gets him rich, shows you some early returns, but then could all come crashing down catastrophically when he decides to keep all his clients and cut out all the other sellers he had invest into this.

  16. Joe

    Thanks again for your candid remarks and warnings. I do have a call scheduled and will heed this advice.

    Can anyone who actually invested in this program leave their comments? Would like to hear their story here not on one of his sponsored sites.

  17. Joe

    Sorry, I did see at one person above who did invest and did not work out for “Got Scammed”. would like to hear more from others that invested as well, maybe one where it did work out?
    Anyone who has been in it more than a year?
    Still very confusing as to what they are promising by the end of the first year and what they hit you up with other charges!? 25K at the end of the year would seem to eat up all or most of what you invested.? (if you only start with the 25K).

  18. Holly

    He and his partners remind me of every shady, up and coming young douchebag hotshot I’ve ever come across in my 28 years of sales. I loved the idea of paying a consultant to automate my business… as if I were an investor. As I have been researching his plan, the more I read about him, the more slippery the operation felt. Thank you for all of this great research and saving me the boredom and irritation of speaking to his roachy little minions.

    Just a note to everyone on this thread, I called and spoke to Amazon to ask some questions about becoming a retailer. Spoke to a really nice lady, she sent me a email packet of how and what I need to do. She told me not to get fooled by Amazon gurus, because they (Amazon) are trained to answer any questions for free and will happily do so. You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort. Hope that helps someone. Continued success!

  19. Nick


    What a dumb article, all that you have reviewed here is a single intro call. But hey, you got me with the clickbait. Well done in adding no value to the interwebs.

    I don’t even know why I am spending my time and energy to post this comment but I feel compelled. It seems that at least one comment on this thread should be from a ACTUAL investor.

    I invested in Kevin’s program back in March 2019 right as COVID was starting to shut us down.
    Obviously this type of investment isn’t for everyone, like anything in life, it is not get rich quick. All of my LLC, business docs, seller account, EIN, etc took about 4 weeks to setup and I was ready to roll last week of April. I began selling toward the end of May. I have been actively selling in my account for almost 5 months and sales have slowly increased over time and I just got my first 5 star review.

    It is a slow growth and requires patience that is for sure. Based on my initial investment and projections I should’ve been making 10k/month in profit to me, after 24 months. I am now projecting that every month COVID is affecting supply chains, is a month that I need to push that expectation out. So now I am thinking 36 months in all likelihood.

    Things have not gone as advertised, I can tell you that, BUT Kevin and David have been 100% transparent with all of the supply chain and amazon inventory processing delays. Even including making adjustments to the fees they are charging the investors.

    That all said, don’t invest with them – give them more time to focus on my account. 🙂

    1. Anthony Post author


      Had you read the article in its entirety you would be well aware that the intro call is part of the review not the entire review.

      Had you read all the comments you will read that someone did invest, chose to cancel and is having issue obtaining a refund to the extent that an attorney needed to be retained.

      In your comment you state estimated profit but don’t disclose actual profit. As such will you be profitable enough to pay the end of year one $25,000 management fee.

      I don’t understand why you refer to my article as click bait as I don’t advertise.

      The only way you came across this article is by searching for a review of AMZ Automation.

      You admit that things have not gone as advertised yet your happy?

      If you’re happy I’m happy for you and one of the reasons I chose not to invest is as you stated, “That all said, don’t invest with them – give them more time to focus on my account.”
      In other words, the more clients that are brought on the stronger the likelihood that not all investors will be successful.

      Again, you would know this had you read the article in its entirety.

      Perhaps you’ll be kind enough to let me know how your investment has done after 12 months and after paying the $25,000 management fee.

      if not, best of luck with your investment.

      1. Tom

        lol I’m sure he will not respond to you. These folks never share actual screenshots of profits and when they do, you can usually go back and look at the file history and see that they’ve doctored them in some way.

        Probably an employee of Kevin’s.

  20. Ryan

    Just a couple red flags came up for me. At the bottom of a sale video, the address: 1111 S. Roop St. #100, Carson City, NV 89702 does not exist. Second, I did have a brief phone interview, the phone number 1-708-419-3074 appears to be a web-based phone number making it very difficult to trace. Personally, with no physical address to correlate with the phone number I found this to be an issue. Third, this business name DK Automation is not on LinkedIn. I would have researched more on Better Business Bureau but their website is down.

  21. Sid

    The ad popped up on YouTube and out of curiosity I watched it. As usual the get rich quick idea with some investment and not to much work was enticing. After going through the special check list and getting to the last question, I smelled a scam. When would you like a call from a sales rep. Life’s to short to be bored by someone trying to sell you something, so I’m now here reading your article doing my research and so glad I did. You answered all the questions I wanted to know and saved me the hassle of a sales pitch for a tonne of money. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Thanks again Sid


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