– Make a Living Selling T-Shirts Online?

I was on my Facebook account the other day simply scrolling down my newsfeed as I sometimes do.

As I scrolled down my newsfeed an advertisement caught my eye, an advertisement for

I’ll withhold what my immediate thought was at that moment but I will tell you that I decided to click through and watch the “pitch video” asking me to enter my name and email address so that I could reserve my seat for the introductory class.

I laid down with my dachshund on the love seat in my family room, began to watch and was introduced to the inventor of, one Mr. Kerry Egeler.

Mr. Egeler proceeded to tell his story.

How he was earning a good living, earning approximately $80,000 per year and was on the fast track to a promotion that would earn him a six figure income.

How he was living the American dream with a wife, kid, cars and a house when it all came to end. He was fired for having subordinates do something that they shouldn’t have been doing without his knowledge.

He was no longer living the American dream but a nightmare.

He no longer had a source of income and worst of all he had already paid for a family vacation to Disney.

Long story short, he went on the trip, faked happy photo’s for social media and wondered what his next move would be.

I won’t bore you with the rest of the background story as you have already viewed the video and have arrived here on my blog for my review of

With that being said, I’ll get right down to it.

Shirt School Master Course ($1997 VALUE)
​LIFETIME ACCESS: All Updates To Shirt School (?????)
Top Selling T-Shirt Templates ($497 VALUE)
​Sales Template Library ($1497 VALUE)
​​​Plug & Play Facebook Ads For T-Shirts ($697 VALUE)
​My Personal Swipe File ($497 Value)
​BONUS: Subscription Secrets Course ($697 VALUE)
​BONUS: Shirt School Deep Dive Collection ($497 VALUE)
​BONUS: Shirt School VIP Community (UNLIMITED VALUE)

A Value of $6,397 that can be all your for the low price of $495 or 6 payments of $97 ($582) as Mr. Kerry Egeler wants to “pay it forward”, especially with those who have children as he does.

If it didn’t come through in my writing the above is meant to be sarcastic.

I wrote earlier that I withheld my immediate thought but I’ll share it with you now.

My immediate thought was, “You must be kidding me!” Actually, it wasn’t what I thought it was what I said to my wife as she sat watching a television program on the couch across from me and my furry daughter.

I’m going to apologize now before I write any further as I always try to write reviews by simply providing my research and allowing the reader to arrive at his or her own conclusion but with regard to I simply don’t have it in me.

I’ll begin with the Shirt School Master Course a $1,997 value.

Value’s in sales pitches really gets to me.

How is Shirt School Master Course valued at $1,997?

The answer is simply because that’s what Mr. Egeler wants you to believe.

It’s a rudimentary value with no basis other that to build value as in give a person the illusion that he or she is getting a great deal.

LIFETIME ACCESS – a value so great that a monetary value can’t be reached.

However lifetime access will be only be good for as long the company is in business.

I found that the domain, was registered in September of 2019 and expires in September of 2020.

Does lifetime access in this case mean one year?

The fact that the domain has only been registered for one year is a major red flag as far as I’m concerned.

With regard to the Top Selling T-Shirt templates, Sales Template Library and Plug & Play Facebook Ads , valued at $2,691, how effective can any of them be if everyone who purchases the program use the same exact things?

I can continue with the rest of the items contained in the sales pitch but I believe that you get the point by now.

Look at those sales!

Logically speaking, if a person found a way to earn a great living online by doing something that was not only easy but fun why would that person sabotage himself or herself by showing others exactly how he or she did it?

Why create competition for yourself and endanger your earning potential?

The truth of the matter is that a person wouldn’t.

What occurred here with Kerry Egeler is that his shirt based ecommerce business probably began to lose revenue. As such he decided the way to continue to make the money he was accustomed to was to create

I am of course speculating but my statements ring true with most of the online sales gurus.

Simply put, I was once successful doing what I was doing but am no longer.

However as I was once successful doing what I was doing and can prove it I’ll teach others how I did it for a price although it no longer works as it once did.

Personally I feel that spending $495 on an online t-shirt selling sales course is a waste of money. Even more so when I was on Facebook yesterday and was offered the same course for $395 as I didn’t buy at $495.

“Ladies and gentleman the course has a value of $6,397 but can be yours for only $495. Better yet, if you click through and don’t buy you can then get it for only $395!”

Why not offer the course for $395 to begin with?

Again, build value.

I’m going to go a step further.

I’ll say, on average, I sell 1000 t-shirts through my online store with a profit margin of $16 per t-shirt for total revenue of $16,000 minus my online advertising costs.

I don’t know about you but gross revenue of $16,000 is fantastic even if the advertising costs were $9,000 per month for a net profit of $7,000 per month or $84,000 per year.

However if I sold 100 people on purchasing my course at $495 and another 25 people at $395 that equates to $59,375 minus the same advertising cost of $9,000 my net profit would be $50,375 per month or $604,500 per year.

If I can keep it going steady for as close to two years as possible I may very well make over $1,000,000. I’m not even going to get into the suggested “must have” tools which will also come at a cost thus providing me with more revenue.

Many years ago online marketers were using TeeSpring in combination with Facebook ads to make huge monthly profits. However, as more and more people jumped into the wagon the wheels came off and the revenue marks people were hitting were no longer attainable.

In my opinion Shirt School is in the business of taking something that used to work really well that no longer is but is attempting to sell people on the idea.

Please, don’t take my word for it.

You can easily research selling with TeeSpring and Facebook online and find plenty information on how it was once very profitable but no longer.

I am in no way saying that a person cannot operate an online t-shirt company and make a great living doing so but it’s not as easy as making designs and using Facebook to drive traffic and sales.

If it were everyone would be doing it but of course if everyone were doing it that would saturate the market and kill earnings.

I’m sure that people will find this blog review and disagree.

I hope that Kerry Egeler himself does.

To him I say, prove to me it works.

Provide me with six months of free access to the course and I will do exactly as instructed.

At the end of the six months I’ll write a follow up review to this review sharing my experience and results.

If it works as stated I will 100% admit that I was wrong in my assumption.

However, I don’t believe I am.

“Kerry Egeler cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies.” – From

If anyone has been a Shirt School student or currently is please let me know how you feel about the Shirt School course.

16 thoughts on “ – Make a Living Selling T-Shirts Online?

  1. Kerry

    Stumbled on this review as I was doing a quick search of my Shirt School website. I appreciate your review! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I definitely respect yours.

    I know you won’t believe me, but I’m truly in the business of helping others. My shirt business is thriving, and I have a lot of students who are doing extremely well with it as well! Some are making full time incomes, and others are making less, but still turning a profit.

    Nothing is more rewarding than seeing others succeed, and that’s why I do what I do.

    You’ll see that reflected in how my students speak of me and the course I provide.

    Does everyone succeed? Heck no! Does everyone succeed at being a cashier at a grocery store? Nope.

    Selling T-shirts will never die. The t-shirt industry is worth $181b+ and is expected to exceed $206b in the next few years. The average American owns over 35 t-shirts. They have been sold for over 100 years. It might be the safest thing you could sell, because it will never go out of style.

    Yes, I do charge for my course. Myself and my team put in a ton of hard work each week serving our community and we can’t do that without being compensated, just like everyone else in the world. My wife and I also run our monthly t-shirt subscription and our t-shirt stores, so we’ve got a lot on our plate!

    Anyways, thanks for your review. Did not take it personal at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and unfortunately I agree, there are a lot of “fake” gurus out there! Beware!


    1. Anthony Post author


      To state that I’m surprised that you found my review and commented would be an understatement.

      However, the fact that you failed to address my major points of contention is not surprising in the least.

      Kindly answer the following question directly and concisely.

      If you are truly in the business of helping others than why charge a fee for your course?

      I’m sorry but an answer of “Myself and my team put in a ton of hard work each week serving our community and we can’t do that without being compensated, just like everyone else in the world,” doesn’t address the question asked.

      I ended my review with an offer which you failed to address. Why did you fail to address my offer?

      I look forward to your reply but will assume that you won’t reply.

  2. chirs kelly

    I always research as much as possible. Too many people sell courses and give you hopes of success. Not one will give one on one help. Mostly videos and live webinars that are really taped etc.


  3. Christian

    I’m glad that I bumped into your review; I was about to register for the Shirt School class, but decided to do a little more research. Kerry’s last response was hilarious! Do you have any legit programs out there, or is this biz more trial and error? Is it even worth getting into? Thanks for your response.

    1. Anthony Post author

      I believe this business is more trial and error than anything. There is a lot of great information available for free on YouTube. I’m in the process of playing around with the T-shirt business myself and all I can tell you for sure is that it’s a lot more work than I anticipated. If it works out well I’ll probably post a free tutorial here on my blog but I’m a long way away.

  4. Dave

    I to was about to sign up for the shirt school. I have an online presence and sell printed apparel. I agree, PLEASE Kerry prove to me this method works and Ill gladly join.
    All I really need is some marketing assistance soooo, pay it forwards, 🙂 I spent 30 years as a paramedic helping others at my own risk, and I LOVED it, so I can relate, I think.
    My apparel biz is inching along.
    To the others, I will GLADLY help where I can, just reach out.

  5. Melanie Walters

    Thank you for everyones comments here. I must admit I was intrigued by the video but when I heard the price I was like hmm, what am I really getting here? I am not sure I see the value. I too am in the beginning phases of launching a tshirt design business. I design and print the shirts myself but I need some help with both my online presence and an ASM as Kerry refers to it as. Does anyone have suggestions on the best ways to process orders/payments? Listing on Etsy? Creating your own web page? I’m currently so small that I’m just taking orders via comments/messenger on my fb page. Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. TIA

  6. Kate

    Also starting my own t-shirt business and waffling between outsourcing production for scale-ability and producing myself for (potentially?) higher margins. Also listened to the entire shirt school pitch – even the whole overvalued breakdown that took a painful thirty minutes to get through, all in hopes of being able to download the “free pdf” to get you started, just for listening. Shocker – when I went to download it, the page disappeared. Found this review to see if my gut feeling was a one-off or not. Anyway, as great as it sounds, and as good as a plug and play funnel would be, even for someone with a background in digital marketing like myself, I simply cannot justify the pricetag. Following here for the community that it seems is being built organically. Thanks for the review and honesty…

  7. Gary

    It seems if someone advertises on YouTube with a bunch of fake testimonies, then it’s a scam . I’m yet to find a single one that isn’t.gary

    If it sounds to good to be true, it is

  8. Lori

    Kerry would have never have made those lewd comments. These supposed comments from him are fake, which is really sad.

    If anyone is wondering if Shirt School is worth the money, they should probably find out from a reputable source. Just join the Facebook group and ask someone who has actually taken the course!

    There are endless loyal fans for a reason. Kerry is incredibly passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their t-shirt business and he pours his heart and soul into his business.

    He’s having great success for a reason. Shirt School works. This comment will probably be deleted, but do your own research. Ask one of the MANY people that have successfully completed the program and decide for yourself!

    1. Anthony Post author

      You’re correct.

      I looked up the ip addresses for both comments and the lewd comment was indeed a fake. As such I removed it from this blog post.

      I’ve done as much research as I possibly can without having taken the course.

      I asked Kerry to provide me access but as of this comment he has not responded.

      Have you taken his course? If so, please share your experience.

  9. Wendie

    Hi Lori,

    If there is a way I can speak with you or others who have had success using the Shirt School method I would appreciate it.

  10. Quinn Ford

    I’ve been physically printing t-shirts for 35 years. It’s not easy. Even just sitting at a desk making phone calls is not easy. Someone still needs to coordinate the order and art. Art is subjective. People are funny. Some people are crazy. Everyone has a gimmick or angle. This line of work is not for everyone and it isn’t easy. I’m sure these courses will help some because some people are really really clueless about the way some things work and need these courses. He might indeed teach some people tricks that will save time but I’m willing to bet it’s like any “deal” and not everyone will stick to it and survive.


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