– Review of Watch Trading Academy – Pejman Ghadimi

As I sit here at my laptop I’m almost unsure of where to begin on this review of Pejman Ghadimi’s Watch Trading Academy.

As I’ve stated on other posts it seems that Facebook is continuously feeding me business opportunity after another which is how I came across the Watch Trading Academy.

Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

“Pejman Ghadimi is a self-made entrepreneur, philosopher and the author of the best selling books Third Circle Theory & RADIUS. Over the last 20 years, Pejman has built a multitude of businesses ranging from a one-of-a-kind investment firm that focuses on alternative asset management known as VIP Motoring to a series of online education businesses including Secret Entourage, Exotic Car Hacks and Watch Trading Academy that have reshaped what and how people learn. In 2018, Pejman’s companies finished the fiscal year with over $87,000,000.00 in combined revenue. A byproduct of his very own teachings, Pejman is the perfect example of how resourcefulness and self-education are the two most powerful keys to success. Today, Pejman is a mentor to over 36,000 students from across the globe and his teachings have created many 6, 7, and 8-figure Entrepreneurs.” – Credit to

I know very little about watches, especially luxury watches other than Rolex and Cartier as I’ve never been much of a watch guy. Of course I have a few watches that I would term “nice” that I wear when putting on a suite but I’ve never seen the point in wearing a $40,000 watch that tells the time in the same way as $300 watch.

However, I do know that there are many people in the world that love watches and have purchased many of high end luxury watches. Someone purchase a Patek Philippe watch $31 million, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned.

Again, I don’t claim to know the first thing about watches but I do know that there is a luxury watch market in existence for a reason.

What is Watch Trading Academy

Watch Trading Academy is a course offered by Pejman Ghadimi which claims to teach people like myself, those with zero to little knowledge of watches, how to flip luxury watches for a profit.

He states that a student only needs to start with $1500 and in little to no time a student can make a profit of 10-20% or more but simply following his course.

There’s even a calculator so that someone whose interested in purchasing the Watch Trading Academy course can see how long it will take that person to reach their income goals.

I figured most people would be happy with a yearly income of $75,000 with an initial investment of $1,500 as I would so that is what I entered into the calculator. The calculator stated that I could achieve my income goal in only 145 days or a little under 5 months.

The issue is no matter what ludicrous number I entered into the calculator the time achieve my income goal wouldn’t take very long at all. If it would only take 145 days for me to earn an income of $75,000 how long would it take for me to earn an income of $1,000,000?

I could hit my $1,000,000 income level by trading luxury watches in 280 days?! I found that to be absurd.

What do you get with Watch Trading Academy?

1. 5 hours of HD video lessons taught by Pejman Ghadimi himself.
2. The “Wealth Transfer System” that will not only allow you to wear luxury watches but never risk losing money on those watches.
3. The top websites for finding watch deals 24/7.
4. A list of the exact watches to buy.
5. How to analyze any watch in 5 minutes to assure you won’t get ripped off.
6. Scripts on what to say to potential sellers.
7. How to grow your network and more!

What’s included in the more? How about bonuses?!

1. Access to a private member only Facebook group
2. Replica Watch & Negotiation Training
3. A list of most proftitable beginner watches
4. 300+ Real World Case studies
5. 2020 Recession Prep Bonus Training

What is the Cost of Watch Trading Academy?

The cost of Watch Trading Academy depends on how you arrive at Watch Trading Academy.

I first found out about Watch Trading Academy through Facebook and as such the cost for the training course is a one time payment of $497.

If you happen to go directly to absent of Facebook the cost is $997.

If you become an affiliate of Watch Trading Academy by going directly to the website, absent of the sales funnel on Facebook, you can earn a commission of 30% or $299 per sale.

For example, if you were to purchase Watch Trading Academy through Facebook at a cost of $497 and need a minimum of $1500 to begin flipping watches your total minimal investment is $1,997.

Issues I have with Watch Trading Academy

If you’re like myself and have zero to little knowledge of the luxury watch market it doesn’t take days or even months to become knowledgeable of the market it takes years.

Watch Trading Academy leads a person to believe that with the purchase of the Watch Trading Academy course and a minimum of $1,500 you can start flipping watches and making money in days. In addition, Pejman Ghadimi himself states that he earned $817,461 in 2019 doing nothing but flipping luxury watches.

If he does have students that are claiming to make money and he himself claims earnings of over $800,000 then what is my issue?

DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. Please understand my results are not typical, I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing watch tradining for 10 years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION. – Taken from the very bottom of

The Watch Training Academy does offer a 14 day, 100% refund policy but Pejman Ghadimi states himself that it will take most people four (4) to six (6) months to understand the system in one of his videos.

To take things a bit further with Watch Trading Academy, I found the video I watched through Facebook not only be absurd but full of misinformation.

For example, he states that the recession of 2008 was a result of the real estate bubble which I agree with. However, he also states the coming recession has nothing to due with the pandemic known as COVID-19 but rather due to bad economic policy of the last four years.

I’m sorry but I 100% disagree with that statement. The coming recession has everything to do with the pandemic! 1.7 million residents filed for unemployment benefits last month because of the required closing of businesses that are considered to be nonessential. My friends father lost his job at a restaurant distributorship as the company shut down operations as they know they won’t be able to recover.

Millions of people are losing their jobs so the best way to make money is to flip luxury watches? I posted this question on Facebook to Mr. Ghadimi. He replied that I watch the video.

The main difference between going directly to and clicking through to his sales funnel through Facebook is that the Facebook sales funnel page has a video where Mr. Ghadimi is touting that through his Watch Trading Academy course he’ll show you how to set yourself up during the recession so that you can make a ton of money when the recession is set to end. He also claims that luxury watches are recession proof!

Yet again, I will state that I know zero to little about the luxury watch market but surely there is someone who can be considered an expert in the field.

The above is a posting from a man with 25 years in Vintage Watch and Restoration sales who states that “just buying some luxury watches and expecting them to rise in price, then sell them, is most very definitely not a good investment, i.e. way to make money.”

The above snippet was found at – “The World’s Watch Market” from an article titled “Are watches a really good investment” written by Jorg Weppelink.

The two people above, a man with 25 years of experience in the Vintage Watch Restoration and Sales industry and a writer for a website titled, “The World Watch Market” both agree that flipping watches is not a road to success.

Who am I to agree with, two reliable sources in the watch industry or a man who claims to have earned over $800,000 in 2019 flipping watches who wants me to purchase his course for $495 or $997 depending on how I arrived at one of his marketing channels?

Why I Don’t Recommend Watch Trading Academy.

Can luxury watches be considered an asset? Absolutely. If one were to buy certain luxury watches at the right price you could enjoy wearing the watch for years to come and possibly sell it at the price you purchased or even make a few dollars.

The primary reason why I don’t recommend Watch Trading Academy is that regardless of what Pejman Ghadimi states flipping luxury watches is not a viable business model.

Additionally, Watch Trading Academy is not new just rebranded. Prior to the course named Watch Trading Academy there was a course named Watch Conspiracy. Of course, the Watch Conspiracy course had a cost that was much less.

Simply attempt to visit and you will be forwarded to if you have any doubts.

Here we have a man who claims to have earned over $800,000 flipping watches in 2019 with no verifiable proof but is willing to teach me to do the same for a price although the results are not typical?

I don’t doubt for a second that Pejman Ghadimi is a successful person but I know for a fact that I will not be contributing to his wealth. As I don’t agree with his path to wealth I’ll state nothing more.

What do you think? Have you been thinking about joining the Watch Trading Academy and this review change your mind? Are you a student of Watch Trading Academy? If so, what has you’re experience been? Were you a student of the Watch Conspiracy course? Was the course different in any way?

6 thoughts on “ – Review of Watch Trading Academy – Pejman Ghadimi

  1. Peter dunnelin

    I know someone who bought into this through facebook. He shares case studies with me all the time and i sort of roll my eyes since all of them are one-offs. You know like i bought this hot watch for super cheap and sold it for above normal selling ranges in 3 days.

    I am certainly of the model if you are so successful why do you need to charge people for your courses?

    For the most part, i will say the group is probably what you are really paying for. Some of the members seem genuine and want to help out. However, i have this undoubting suspicion that a lot of the members that are “new or just started” are already in on the scheme to entice others to pay more money towards the group.

    Another aspect i do not like about the group is the type of sand-bagging they do when selling. They will sell watches where if you look at the normal places are at the top-end of the sell spectrum and tout how there is still profit to be made.

    The course materials in the basic course are a joke and i laughed at my friend for paying the 200 bucks (discount). I learned more on my own in a week of research than the 3 hours i wasted watching the clock pass to appease my friend.

    I cant imagine the mastermind or whatever the higher tier is going to give amazing results like some of the figureheads and common posters say. Its like you mentioned, i paid for the mastermind class and in 3 weeks i flipped 15 watches. Then you go to other dealers like roman sharf and they talk about how there isnt money in flipping yet all these people in the group are doing it. But, the problem is you have to weed through the bs. This one guy said he flipped double digit watches and posts later you find out (which btw you have to wait for these cracks) he made $3000 off of 12 or so watches.

    Any research on this group is far and few inbetween with very bias reviews on how so and so joined and started making money real fast! Your review seems to fall in-sync with what i have witness and comes off as pretty non-bias.

  2. Adam Sheikh

    I watched the seminar where the course price is about $500 and was told that it’s unconditional money back warranty and i was ready to buy but when i click the buy button, it shows that money back is based on action based., you have to complete the course and then do the trading…. Why two different statement??
    I am out and not buying it.


  3. Kevin

    I’d consider taking it (for ~500 bux) just to learn how to evaluate watches. I really like watches and appreciate the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into the high-end ones. Wouldn’t be so naive as to believe you can make a living on it just by taking a course – it’s like everything else.

  4. Winestein

    yeah he doesnt look like a100% honest guy IMO but, tin his defense there could be value….

    I’m sure the “investment” statement is very true about watches… you need to wait it out for value,
    but this course is not an investment course per se…

    I’m sure you would be looking for a distressed sale or someone who needs cash or not really knowing the market value of a particular watch. I have Breitling for example and I have no idea of what the value is. So you’re looking for ways to make a spread which I understand…

    but Im sure there is an insider group that wheels and deals and there are internal “offers” which could be in the blinds and you get zapped for a “great deal”…. hard to know….


  5. Dr Drew Moore

    I just finished watching his free intro. I’ve watched many stock and other investment videos, only to find that they aren’t actually going to tell you anything, without joining their group. I knew going in that there would probably be a system to purchase. Although, at the beginning, he said IF we watched to the end, he would give some freebies. There are no freebies. Everything is revealed if we join the group and buy the course. I almost always look at reviews before doing anything. I think the previous reviews are fair. So, I probably won’t buy his course. If it was less, than I might. One can join Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor for $49 and learn how to really invest. (I do not work for Motley Fool – But, I am a paying member). I have Rolexes and have sold some. So, I love nice watches. I was hoping for a good way to get involved.

    1. Louis

      Just to confirm what others are saying.. PJ is a salesman and he is selling digital information based on his success in watch trading. I was willing to join a while back and sent him a text message to give me 5 minutes of his time. All I wanted was a quick conversation to get a feel for this guy before I plunked down my cash. Well of course there was no call and he directed me to one of his sales associates.. that’s a big red flag for me for someone who is trying to get my business.. if he doesn’t have a brief minute to speak with me than I have no time or money to make him richer.. I’d advise anyone interested in watch trading to learn on your own in your spare time as there is plenty of information out there… by the way.. watch investing is a good way to build a portfolio… just ask Kevin O’Leary


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