Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

An Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing network meant to be a place where people who are new to internet marketing can connect with one another. Those who are more experienced share their expertise and show others what they are doing so that those who are less experienced can achieve internet marketing success. I must give credit where credit is do to both Kyle and Carson, co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate for having the vision to create such a community and for become financially successful as a result. I personally learned about Wealthy affiliate in early September of 2013 and excitedly opened a free user account.

Wealthy Affiliate does have a ton of great information for those who are new to internet marketing and encourages communication between all members. However, this is the only thing that I like about Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe it’s just me but it’s my opinion that if something is successful and you teach thousands of other people to do exactly what you have done you are not only creating thousands of competitors for yourself but also making what originally made you successful ineffective.

Let me expand on the above comment. I have found a way to optimize my blog so that I can achieve a first page result no matter what keyword I would like to be ranked under in Google. The top 3 results in under and Google keyword obtains 90% of the traffic but a person can still receive a decent amount of traffic by simply having a first page Google result under a given keyword as in the remaining 7 positions. Common sense would dictate that if my way of obtaining guaranteed top keyword search results works and I shared that information with thousands of people, most would use my technique to obtain top Google search results for the most competitive keywords. However, we’re talking about 10 search results per keyword meaning that out of those thousands of people who I shared my information with only 10 have the possibility to achieve the results I am guaranteeing, 9 if someone is able to bump me out of my position.

After your free Wealthy Affiliate starter membership expires there is really not much you can do as far as communicating with others which is what the network is supposed to be built around. Simply click on live chat after the expiration of your starter membership and you are prompted to upgrade to premium membership for only $19 for the first month. However, the monthly cost of having a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, after the introductory discount, is $47 per month. If I was an internet marketing novice and decided to give online marketing an honest try through Wealthy Affiliate I would be investing over $500. If I am dedicated and follow everything that I am taught through my Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, will I make the over $500 I would need to break even at the end of the year, let alone be able to make $47 to break even on a monthly basis? I don’t think so and I suspect that both Kyle and Carson are aware of this issue.

In my opinion Wealthy Affiliate is not so much a place to teach online marketing newbies how to become successful internet marketers but rather a way for Wealthy Affiliate to continue to bring in a steady stream of new premium members by basing most of their free training material on how to market Wealthy Affiliate through the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program. You do not have to be a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member in order to earn commissions on premium members but of course if you are a premium member the commission is higher.

Remember what I stated earlier? Teaching 1,000 people to do the same thing makes the technique ineffective as you have 1,000 people attempting to do the same exact thing. Perhaps 10 obtain the desired result which in this case would be success in marketing Wealthy Affiliate but what happens to the other 990 people? I would think that frustration would set in resulting in those who are not achieving the desired result to cease their efforts which brings me to another point of contention with Wealthy Affiliate.

Members of Wealthy Affiliate are encouraged to share what they know by posting articles to Wealthy Affiliate. This of course is great for Wealthy Affiliate but no so much for those who are posting the articles. It is my opinion that those who are writing the articles would be better served writing those articles for their own self hosted WordPress blogs. Instead of driving traffic through those articles to Wealthy Affiliate those article writers could be driving traffic to their own marketing blogs. Again, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is aware of this as well as the free marketing blogs they offer are hosted by them. In none of the free training modules is it encouraged to obtain a domain name, obtain a hosting account and retain all control of your own marketing blog absent of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affiliate probably has thousands of great content articles written by people who are no longer members of Wealth Affiliate. This is not necessarily a scam as it is in my opinion shady.

If you suspect that I am writing this review based solely on conclusions I’m making without any first hand knowledge it would be understandable but incorrect. I have been a free member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost a year. Granted I have not done any Wealthy Affiliate marketing other than intentionally creating a few posts on a few of my blogs. I figured it would be foolish to become a premium Wealthy Affiliate member thus spending time and money on something I wasn’t quite sure would work in generating enough revenue for me to break even. Granted it’s a small sample size but I was able to register approximately 15 starter account members, none of which upgraded to a premium Wealthy Affiliate Membership. I readily admit that it is a small sample size but based on my experience I concluded that I would need to drive a ton of traffic over to Wealthy Affiliate in order to make any sort of revenue as in building an entire Wealthy Affiliate blog with no other purpose than to send traffic to Wealthy Affiliate.

I believe my conclusion is correct as I have find more than a few such websites where the entire sites are based upon negative reviews of online marketing products and opportunities where the end result is click through to Wealthy Affiliate. I would suspect that those who own those sites are doing well promoting Wealthy Affiliate but others not so much. In fact, I have had an almost impossible time when attempting to find a unbiased review of Wealthy Affiliate. If a few do exist I have been unable to locate them but perhaps this may the first.

In closing, I do feel that Wealthy Affiliate does provide a solid base of information to free members but upgrading to a premium membership and promoting Wealthy Affiliate in the hope of making a worthwhile side income is not worth the time and effort that would be needed. However, if there are Premium Wealthy Affiliate members who disagree with this review I encourage you to share your opinion on both the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership and your success with the Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program. If you disagree and feel that you would like to give Wealthy Affiliate a try click on the below banner. This concludes my Wealthy Affiliate review.

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – An Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Gee Nell

    Thanks for this review. I too have been unable to find an unbiased review besides yours. The only question you didn’t answer is “Can you use what they teach you to set up a domain in your niche market and make money?” This is the main part of their promotion and you did not talk about it at all. Also if you never became a Premium member then it’s hard to really review what would have happened if you did. They seem to have a lot of information and tools that can only be accessed with Premium membership. In all fairness the Wealthy Affiliate sites is offered as a backup for people who can’t think of an idea for their websites. I agree that this is self serving genius on the part of Wealthy Affiliate because it has created a ton of positive reviews online for the unsuspecting person that being let to their site for free membership. However, hard for you to fairly review the product if you didn’t try all they have to offer. I am not a Wealthy Affiliate member yet. This is my unbiased review of your review.

    1. Anthony Post author

      You are correct that I did not become/obtain the Premium Membership but that was because I did have access to Premium Membership with the free account. As it’s been sometime I cannot remember the exact length but if my memory serves me correctly it was about ten (10) days. What turned me off about it is that your are encouraged to utilize their web builder. Should you decide to no longer remain active you do not take your content with you….it belongs to them.

      Due to your comment I logged into my Wealthy Affiliate account earlier today. To be clear I do have other blogs and placed a small Wealthy Affiliate banner on one of those blogs. However, there is no article pushing Wealthy Affiliate but I do get a few thousand unique visitors per month. Lifetime states from 2013 when I joined through today January 26, 2017 I referred 967 unique visitors to Wealth Affiliate. Of those 967 unique visitors 14 provided information in order to open an account for a conversion of just below 1.5%. Of those 14, 6 opened accounts for a conversion rate of a little over 42% which is quite high. Of those 6, 1 paid for a discounted Premium Membership for a conversion rate of 16.67%. However, this person did not remain a member.

      As I stated in the article you would need to drive a ton of traffic to the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program to make a few dollars. For example if the numbers held true and I was able to send 10,000 unique visitors to them per month at a conversion rate of 1.5% that would be 150 people who provide information in order to open an account. Of those 150 at a conversion rate of 42% 63 would open an actual account at a conversion rate of 16.67% would give me 10 premium accounts. As I standard member I would earn $40 dollars and as a Premium Member I would earn $80. What I don’t know is how many of those projected 10 premium members would remain on in order to provide residual income. Granted I don’t know how much the numbers would change if I created a blog post singing the praises of Wealthy Affiliate.

      What I will say is that one doesn’t know unless they try. As I stated in the article I don’t believe Wealthy Affiliate to be a scam but I also don’t believe that many are making a decent passive income with it either. Those who got in on the ground floor are probably doing quite well.

      You’re welcome for the article and hope this response helps you to make a decision. If you decide or have decided to give it a try please let me know how you’re doing.


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