Review of Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank Course: Commission Hero – Is it a Scam?


I haven’t had much time to blog as of late but my search for a new business continues as always. I’ve come across many business opportunities as of late, mostly through Facebook.

It was a few days ago when I came across an advertisement for a online marketing course named Commission Hero which claims that a person can follow the system created, by a man named Robby Blanchard, to earn $1,000 per day utilizing Facebook on Facebook of all places.

I would normally purchase a system, try it and provide an honest review of that system but with regard to Commission Hero I didn’t. However, I did a ton of research to provide you with an honest and unbiased review of Commission Hero.

I’ll let you know a little later on as to why I didn’t purchase the Commission Hero ClickBank course there is a primary reason why I didn’t purchase the system.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name Robby Blanchard, he is one of if not the top ClickBank affiliate marketer’s in the world and his Commission Hero ClickBank Course claims that if you follow his proven system, you can earn $1,000 per day.

If you’re unfamiliar with ClickBank, it’s an affiliate network where thousands of digital products are marketed and sold, mainly consisting of software and e-books of varying topics.

If you’re a vendor it means that you created a product and have listed it in the ClickBank marketplace where thousands of affiliates can market your product for a commission.

To simply summarize Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Course, he’ll show you how to find products on ClickBank and market those products utilizing Facebook advertising to earn affiliate commissions.

The cost Commission Hero is a one time payment of $997 or two payments of $597, billed thirty (30) days apart for a total of $1,194.

“Recent snapshot of Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank dashboard account

From the above snapshot of Robby Blanchard’s ClickBank dashboard you can see his more than impressive gross sales. However, profitability is based upon net sales, meaning profit after expenses.

I could run a business that has grossed $10,000,000 per year but if my expenses to achieve that $10,000,000 in sales is $11,000,000 my business is losing $1,000,000 per year. I have no profit as I’m running at a loss.

A major issue I have with Mr. Blanchard relying on gross sales is that I have no way of knowing what his net profit is. The numbers look impressive but without knowing his net profit the numbers in the above snapshot mean nothing.

I don’t know about you but before I decide to invest close to a thousand dollars or slightly over I need to know a few more things. For example, what are any additional costs if any?


With Commission Hero there are additional costs which are not brought to your attention which I find to be deceptive. When looking at any business or opportunity I want to know every single cost involved so I can make an educated decision.

What are the additional costs with regard to Commission Hero?

  1. ClickFunnels – When advertising on Facebook you aren’t allowed to send traffic directly to an affiliate site. In order to get around this you need to send the traffic to landing page which is where ClickFunnels comes in. The cost is $97 per month.
  2. To go along with your landing page, where you will hopefully obtain a person’s contact information, you’ll also need an autoresponder to attempt to sell those who haven’t purchased. I believe any autoresponder will do fine at a cost of around $15 per month.
  3. You now have your landing page and autoresponder but how do you know what ads are converting the best and which clicks lead to a sale? For that a product called ClickMagic is necessary at a cost of $27 per month.

The above costs are not disclosed prior to purchasing the Commission Hero ClickBank course which again I find deceptive. Granted, $139 per month is not a ludicrous amount of money for hard costs of running a business but why not disclose the cost upfront? My red flag has now been raised.

If Robby Blanchard didn’t disclose a monthly recurring cost of $139 what else is he not disclosing?


The Cost of Facebook Advertising!

Advertising on Facebook is expensive and can add up rather quickly. The cost per click on Facebook will vary depending on the industry but on average for 2020, the average cost per click across all industries is $1.72 per click.

With regard to online sales I’m not as concerned with my cost per click as I am with my cost per action, meaning what is my cost to convert a person into a buying customer?

I don’t know what the cost is in 2020 but I do know that in 2017, the cost per action in the industry of technology, as in software, costed $55.21. If we assume that the cost remained the same (Does anything?) I would need a Clickbank software product that pays a commission of at least $57 to turn a profit of $1.79.

Software is probably not the best way to go but neither is Facebook as more advertisers are relying on Instagram as it’s less expensive and converts better. Facebook doesn’t care as Instagram is a Facebook property.

Long story short, you may need to spend $4,000 or more in Facebook advertising to lose $700 for the month or you may spend $6,000 to make $0, or $7,000 to make $7,500.


In my personal opinion, the Commission Hero Course is not for novice internet marketers.

For example, If you don’t know how to write content for a convincing landing page (sales page) your ads on Facebook will never convert. People will click on ads just for the sake of clicking on ads but won’t buy unless they can be sold.

Have you ever created a landing page using ClickFunnels? Have you ever created auto-responder campaigns? Have you ever created eye catching Facebook ads to lead people to a landing page? Do you know basic HTML? Do you know where to obtain professional looking images or know hot to create images?

Varying people have varying abilities to absorb information but many people will seek a shortcut and I believe that Robby Blanchard is fully aware of this as he will attempt to upsell you on the Commission Hero Inner Circle at any additional cost of $297 per month.

Add in the cost of the Commission Hero Inner Circle at $297 to the $137 per month for our needed non disclosed recurring costs and we’re now at $434 per month and haven’t yet spent a red cent on advertising.


A major issue with ClickBank is their beyond lenient refund policy. Chargebacks are expensive and can get you easily terminated from your merchant account service provider if you continuously surpass certain thresholds.

As such Clickbank will refund a customer if the customer simply asks to be refunded. There is no way of knowing what your refund percentage will be but it’s known that some products have refund rates as high as 50%! Refunds are part of the online product sales game but can take a heavy toll on your net profits.

Additionally, ClickBank is not known for the quality of products they allow into their network. In other words, make a product, submit that product and in all likelihood you’ll be able to list that product for sale.

It’s a daunting task to find quality products to sell. Simply go to the Clickbank marketplace and take a look for yourself. If you don’t see much you would buy what are the chances that someone else will buy from you?


As I stated at the beginning of this Commission Hero review I didn’t purchase the system in order to try it for myself. The primary reason is the Commission Hero refund policy.

“The goal of Commission Hero™ is to create a long term high income business by using the power of Affiliate Marketing. That’s why we offer a 12 month Success policy.

Here’s how it works…

Refund requests can only be considered in 12 months. Why do we do this? We are looking for motivated people who want to make REAL progress and build a REAL business and escape their 9-5 job so that they can make REAL money.

As you already know, we aren’t interested in “tire kickers” and want people who are going to stick this out for the long term because with this system you WILL be successful.”

A 12 month success policy? Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank course, Commission Hero, is so great that you, as the consumer, need to follow his course for a year to prove that you’re not a tire kicker?

Although he didn’t disclose any additional costs, you still need to follow his course for an entire year so he can “consider” a refund? What does he need to take into consideration? Is it the amount of money spent on Facebook advertising? I have no way to know as there aren’t any specific requirements.


A major issue I have with Commission Hero is that it’s entirely based on trial and error.

Robby Blanchard will teach you how to look for highly converting ClickBank products but doesn’t tell you what products to promote. As such, I’m left with the following.

  1. Select a ClickBank product I think will covert well based upon the Commission Hero criteria.
  2. Create a sales funnel (sales pitch page) as in write the content for the sales funnel.
  3. Create an auto responder campaign based on the ClickBank product I think will convert.
  4. Create a few Facebook ads based upon the ClickBank product where I also need to write the content for the advertisements.
  5. To go along with the Facebook advertisements I need to either purchase or create eye catching images that will entice Facebook users to click through to my sales funnel.
  6. Fund my Facebook account and run a few test campaigns to find out which advertisements are converting the best.

If I’ve selected the wrong ClickBank product I’m 100% screwed! I’ve done a ton of work and spent money on Facebook advertisements but it won’t convert.

What’s the solution?

Perhaps I should choose a bunch of ClickBank products, create the sales funnel, write the content for the sales funnel, create a bunch of autoresponder campaigns for each product chosen, create various Facebook advertisements, fund my Facebook account and spend a ton of money through trial and error to hopefully discover what product/ad combination is converting if any.

I can easily become thousands of dollars in the red rather quickly yet I have to follow the Commission Hero trial and error system so that Robby Anderson can “consider” refunding my money?

At that point $995 dollars could be a mere drop in the bucket compared to my monthly payment on my $20,000 maxed out credit card!


Why I don’t recommend the Commission Hero ClickBank Course

In no particular order here is why I don’t recommend the Commission Hero ClickBank Course offered by Robby Blanchard.

  1. Lack of transparency – Whether you’re considering a one-time payment of $995 or two-time payments of $597 I’m turned off by the fact that the necessary monthly expenditures of $137 are not disclosed.
  2. Upsell – $297 per month to join the Inner Circle.
  3. The cost of Facebook advertising – Expensive!
  4. ClickBank – Lenient refund policy combined with lack of quality products.
  5. Learning curve – Time and money invested in attempting to become a master at content writing and online social media marketing.
  6. Refund Policy – 12 months for Robby Anderson to consider refunding my money for the Commission Hero ClickBank Course.


I don’t believe that Commission Hero is a scam. I’m sure that it will work well for some but not for most. However, I will state that I feel that the Commission Hero ClickBank Course is dishonest.

I understand why Commission Hero is marketed the way that it is but I don’t agree with the message.

“For only $995 or two payments of $597, I’ll show you how to make $1,000 per day so you can quit your 9-5!” is much easier to market as compared to:

“For only $995 or two payments of $597, I’ll show you how to make $1,000 per day so you can quit your 9-5! You’ll need to potentially spend thousands of dollars in Facebook advertisements, create content for sales funnels and autoresponder campaigns, and create or purchase images for low quality ClickBank products that may convert based on trial and error. However, follow my Commission Hero ClickBank Course and I’ll “consider” refunding the cost of my course although I have no clear criteria for the requirements for me to “consider” refunding your money for my Commission Hero ClickBank course. You may need to spend five figures through trial and error although I never disclosed the fact”

If you’ve been considering purchasing Commission Hero and have come across my review has it changed your mind?

If you’ve purchased Commission Hero and knew all of the above beforehand would you still have purchased it?

Have you purchased Commission Hero and making money or losing money?

Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Review of Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank Course: Commission Hero – Is it a Scam?

  1. Christene Miller

    Thank you. I read your review and decided not to purchase. I would have been raging mad to discover these hidden MONTHLY costs after I paid my non-refundable $1,000.

    My guess is that he created the Commission Hero program after realizing that (despite his top Clickbank affiliate status) he is not very profitable in the end.

  2. Thomas

    I brought the course one year ago, it is very expensive and after that, you will have to spend more money on other tools, they don’t tell you that. I spend more than an extra $1,200 with images, tools, ads, and other monthly costs. I did every step of the course but it didn’t work for me, now that I am asking for a refund, they are giving a very hard time to do it, saying many ridiculous excuses and they will not refund me. I sent all my proves and screenshots and they keep changing the excuses in order to don’t refund me. I advise you to don’t buy it because they will not give you your money back. You can find many other people with the same problems on other websites. Trash course!


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